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  1. Since yesterday was December 21 I went to a mayan celebration with native mayan for the aligning of Venus, earth, and the sun in Mexico. After dancing they would have a sweat lodge Ceremonially, they heat stones up till they are glowing red and pile 30 people into a 12foot diameter circle with the entrance covered putting water and lavender and other herbs on the burning rocks, the essential of a Native American sweat lodge. We stayed in the lodge for 2 hours chanting and exclaiming what we would sacrifice in order to cleanse ourselves. It was very claustrophobic and the temperature was at least 110 degrees. I then began to dream or hallucinate. I was floating at the speed of light flying by galaxies and stars. It was so vivid. I I could here this voice explaining the details of how the cosmos are connected and humans are bonded together as if we are the roots bonded to the tree (galaxy) and some roots don't experience water and wither or some get a disease and erode. Eventually the tree sprouts a seed and it disperses and creates more trees (galaxies) This "journey" went on for hours it seemed and I woke up dehydrated but enlightened Have any other of you brothers felt anything like this or had vivid dreams?
  2. sounds to me like you were involved in some sort of concious/subconcious everything you are wit something like a god or someone tere or anything with knoledge thats really crazy man were you on anything i wish id love to experience that
  3. It was eye opening, and coming out of the lodge after the session. Everything's bright and vivid and makes you appreciate nature and all that hippie talk. I wasn't on anything but dehydration makes you delusional
  4. right but thats awesome like it cleansed you kinda like dmt
  5. Have you ever done any hallucinogens
  6. im planning on booming in april but ive never tripped id like to trip on acid though
  7. i had a dream the night on the 21st....the sun was huge and it would melt my ear wax if my ear was aligned with the sun
  8. Not necessarily like this, more like I've dreamt several lifetimes within a few seconds.

    What a wonderful experience this must have been. I can only imagine your future insights...

    I had a dream the same night, that there was a well of fire on earth, and it was within a wall of fire. And something told me to step in, so I did. And a voice spoke from the sky, saying, I shall flood the earth with fire, those who remain on earth after the fire has consumed everything can enter my domain. And so the fire started spreading from the well, and there must have been hundreds of people. Once they saw me run away from the fire, they started running as well. And the fire was catching up to me, some were fast and dodged it well. But for some reason I took the wrong path. And I found this woman, trying to climb up a hillside and so I climbed up first, then I tried to help her up. Then my dream ended.
  9. My insights are still trying to be on divine path, with the help of the herb. When I get back to the states in going to visit a local native American tribe and partake in their sweat lodge ceremonies. It's something everyone should experience I feel.

    The fire well dream would seem ominous if you had it the night before December 21st, that would really keep me on edge
  10. Oh it did, I was tripping hard as a matter of fact, haha.
  11. Haha now I'm interested.

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