Dreams...what could they mean?

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  1. I didn't know where else to put this, so I decided general was the way to go.

    The past 3 days I've had these super strange dreams...ones I've never had before. Normally I don't remember dreams, but I remember these like it was a movie.

    They all have to do with the same thing ultimately: me, getting caught\arrested\chased down\pulled over...anything having to do with the cops catching me and me trying to make a hasty escape. One dream was a cop kicking in my room door..not just my house, but my room door. The next was me getting pulled over with a QP, and for some reason I took initiative to get out the car and haul ass down the road? Then one was me and my friends sitting in class, having the drug dog bust in on us, with more action packed things that lead to my arrest and beat down.
    I'm getting a bad vibe from all these...like maybe somethings going to happen? I'm not really into supernatural, but you never know...that movie Premonition was pretty intense.
    What do you think fellow members? I've never ever had dreams like these, much less 3 nights in a row.
  2. When you dream its usually about stuff that's bugging you, it's when your mind sorts through shit.

    Have you been worried about getting arrested lately? Maybe you've started doing shit that you shouldn't?
  3. were you naked? whenever i get busted in a dream im naked.
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    Im on a THC break and i have had some of the most wierd fucking dreams, i think i remember them more cause im not ripen the bong right before bed. If i was you take some time to think out what happen in your dream.
  5. Dreams are crazy man. when I was a kid I had this recurring dream where I'd be really little and I'd get attacked by someone and when I opened my mouth to scream nothing came out. I had it like twice a month until I was 14 or 15.

    Then recently another one when I get stuck inside a bubble I guess it is and no matter how hard I push it feels like I have no strength. It's creepy as hell.
  6. Yeah, smoking more, caring less.
  7. hahaha nope, not this time
  8. Last year, I had quit tokin' the herb + cigarettes because of asthma related problems, and I started exercising and running like crazy, got my health back. Quit smoking cigarettes for good, but I smoke weed like mad now.

    And about a month before I started smoking weed again (I had no intentions of getting back into smokin' herb because I was still nervous about my lungs) I started having dreams where I'd be smoking bowls like a foot high outta pipe and the cherry would be a good inch thick.

    I'd also had this other re-occuring dream where I would take one toke, then blow out a cloud, then breathe in oxygen, and still breath out a cloud, everytime I took a breath of whatever, I'd blow out a cloud, even if I wasn't smoking anything.

    I beleive this was symbolism for me getting back into cannabis, that I was healthy again as well as mentally stable (Anxiety came around right as the asthma kicked in, and I was panic-ridden whenever I'd be around any kinda dust or smoke. But, I smoke alot of weed now, within reason though. Just randomly I woke up one day and had this urge to toke a J. And instead my buddy smoked me up with his lung... and like 3 months prior to that I would start having a panic attack even seeing that thing fill with smoke.


    Lately I've been having massive Deja Vu, minor events such as looking out a window or doing a question in college that I dreamt about.

    It's pretty interesting shit, if only I could stay in wonderland.
  9. Found these on some site when I was googling about dreams after readin the thread:

    "To dream that you are pulled over by the police, suggests that you need to slow down and take things down a notch. "

    "The police also symbolizes structure, rules, power, authority and control. Perhaps you need to put an end to your reckless behavior or else the law will catch up to you. You fear punishment."


    "To dream that you are arrested by the police, suggests that you feel sexually or emotionally restrained because of guilt. The dream may also be a metaphor that you are feeling apprehensive about something."
  10. I have asthma too, but never looked into it, never caused me enough of a problem since I don't smoke cigs.

    Yeah...I probably could slow down a little bit. I do fear getting arrested, who doesn't, the hell with jail.
    Sexually\emotionally restrained...maybe a little...I cheated on this girl last weekend and even though we weren't dating, I felt like maybe I shouldnt have done it. Was good though:rolleyes:
  11. i have to share my dream that i had a few nights ago.

    Well im in a room but it's not really a room,it's nothing, i don't notice any surroundings.i know that sounds weird but in a dream you don't think about it. Well i was about to be put on "trial" to tell if i was innocent or guilty.I knew i was guilty, i didn't know the crime but i was very guilty. They were going to use "Egyptian Smoke" on me, and the effect was that if you were guilty you would go into a deep sleep(aka death) and if you were innocent you would wake up. Well my basic instinct kicks in and i begin to try to crawl away literally as fast as i can. Then i see the ball of smoke between his hands and ocming out of his sleeves and it wraps around my face into my nose. I feel the effects instantly, im crawling slower by the second(this whole part takes about 4 seconds) and i can hear my heart beating slower.BUMP-BUMP...BUUMP BUump.... until it stops....

    Now i am dead and i know.Seconds pass....everything is black. and suddenly everything flows back in to me and wake up!I had beaten them with my own mental strength! im so happy i begin to taunt the people who put me on trial(none of which i can see or even exist outside my subonscious).

    Not really needed anyone to interpret it(but PLEASE feel free to do it) but the main thing i remember was how exhilirating this dream was.For someone reason the whole experience just felt good. Weird dream but i just thought i'd share with some people who think on a "higher" level and can understand a little better.
  12. In my experience, dreams are either things I fear will happen while I'm conshis (fuck you), things I'd love to happen, or memories.
  13. your dreams are just your mind simulating images based on whatevers been in your head lately. if you've been scared shitless for a few days, you might have dreams where you're being chased/killed. if you've been thinking about a particular person alot, they will probably show up somewhere in your dreams.

    its certainly fun to play around with the thought, but unfortunately you cant see the future. you can only get that skill when you've accepted the quest to climb the mountains of tibet and steal the gem of vision from the minotaurs treasure in the cave of doom. and no ones ever come back alive from that before.

  14. lol, i love the attitude you have towards your spelling
  15. Dreams are often your brain analyzing and re-telling your events of the day or past few days in movie form. Its kind of like a movie where the whole movie is a metaphor. My dreams rarely involve weed. I have had it happen only twice. Once in December, and once last night. In December I had a dream where I actually felt high in my dreams, like I had actually been smoking, and I felt the actual effects of being high in the dream, despite the fact I hadnt smoked for 2 weeks or so at the time. Last night I had a dream that the dub I had (which Ive already smoked some of) had 3.6 grams still left in it (that is a definately dream, no such thing as $20 dollars of dank for 3.6) but yeah, I dreampt it was weighed out by one of my roommates (who doesnt smoke but for some reason had a scale for whatever reason its legal to have one, doesnt have one in real life, that I know of) and I had 3.6 left of my dank for $20 (remember Ive already have had some of it). Then I dreampt I was gonna go on here and brag about how wonderfully fat my stash was, now Im just dissapointed it was only a dream:(. But hey, dont take too much into dreams. I often dream about me winning the lottery then I buy a ticket and its a loser. I wonder what me getting a fat stash is a metaphor for?

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