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Dreams during t-break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Samfrmkdz, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Alright so I had to stop smoking so I can pass a drug test for a potential job. It's been almost two weeks since I've smoked and ever since I stopped I've been having very vivid and crazy ass dreams. I was just curious if this has happened to anyone else?
    It seems like a weird question but I feel like my break might be the reason for these trippy ass dreams. Maybe my memory is just getting better and I'm actually remembering them now?  :confused_2:  lol

  2. I noticed I never had dreams when I'm on my smoking spree.
    On tolerance breaks or when I go to sleep sober I get vivid dreams.
  3. Its so trippy haha I wake up and can remember almost every little detail about every dream I had that night. 
  4. I smoke everyday finally had my week t break as I went to turkey and I know what you mean I had some pretty fucked up dreams and I can still remember alot of details about them, I remember one was going corpse hunting with A few old mates we eventually found 2 in a massive water tower... Wtf? Can you remember any of your dreams I'd be intrested to hear them op
  5. I've noticed the same thing. I'm currently 3 weeks into a t-break and I've been having more and more dreams a night. Nothing crazy or anything, just normal dreams, but a lot of them.

    When smoking Ive noticed that I never really dream, if I do its a rare occasion. I've missed my dreams.

    Lights. Cameras. Inhale.

  6. Im on a tbreak and I have these crazy dreams where its my first time smoking weed and I trip balls and see a bunch of crazy shit.
  7. It's actually really common. For some reason weed suppresses dreams or atleast makes you forget them. Couldn't tell ya why.
  8. love my deems, oh i mean dreams
  9. happens to me too
  10. The first night in the first dream I was driving on the freeway but for some reason I stopped in the middle of the road and got out my car. When I got out I got tackled by some swat guy, arrested and taken away in a helicopter. I think it was for treason or something like that lol random as fuck. Then the dream switched to me being trapped in some building kinda like a library and I was being hunted by some predator type thing until me and a couple other people finally escaped out the bathroom window.
    Last night I finally had a zombie fighting dream  :hello:  I was wondering when I'd have one haha I was in some carnival looking place just mowing down a bunch of them. The night before I had one where just about everyone I was cool with in high school appeared. We were all beating the shit out of each other for some reason lol It was just a giant rumble.
    Those are the ones I can still remember and It's crazy that I can still recall them that easily
  11. thc typically doesn't allow you to go into full REM (very deep) sleep, this is why you normally don't dream when you go to bed stoned. when your body has become accustomed to this and then you go a day without smoking, you experience an REM rebound effect which means you fall into very deep REM sleep and dream very vividly.
  12. I know how  you feel, I stop smoking cuz my folks but I be having crazy ass dream too like soo wierd but a fun experience. ..During the days I blaze a lot, I noticed I had noo dreams...P.S its only been 13 days since I smoked. 
  13. This happens to me too, I dream a lot and very vividly when I suddenly stop smoking. I enjoy dreaming, so it gives me a reason to take breaks :p
  14. When I smoke weed, I can rarly (typo i know) remember my dreams.
    But recently I have stopped. And well...
    I had the most wtf dream ever last night.
    I had the ability to travel through time, and I went to the 70's to see the original star wars movie (before they added all that remastered shit). But anyways, it was fucking wierd as shit. Dark vader had a talking mouth, and the emperor was different, i cant remember the details.
    But you know how dreams that arent lucid are, you cant control them and they happen like a movie.
  15. When I was smoking I was able to lucid dream with ease. Now that I've quit, I haven't been able to really.
    I could dream just fine while smoking
  16. Yes I get that too. MJ turns off the dreaming mechinism in our brains, especially if we go to sleep stoned. Thats not healthy. When we get sober, the dreams come back with a crash. I have screaming nightmares. Ever been in a jail cell with screaming nightmares? Not fun.
  17. oh man I can't wait til I get my zombie killing dream, can't believe it's not happened yet the amount of nazi zombies I play n zombie movies I watch don't think ill be dreaming for a while tho don't plan on having a t break til my next trip abroad.
  18. oh man I can't wait til I get my zombie killing dream, can't believe it's not happened yet the amount of nazi zombies I play n zombie movies I watch don't think ill be dreaming for a while tho don't plan on having a t break til my next trip abroad.
  19. the day you don't smoke or the day after?

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