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Dreaming & smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mya56, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking everyday for about 7 months now and most usually before bed. I've noticed that I either don't dream or can never recall them, and yesterday which is the one time I didn't smoke before bed I had a really vivid dream. So my question is does smoking affect dreaming and does this happen to anyone else?
  2. yes. i can only dream/ remember dreams while im on t-breaks. i have heard the smoking affects REM sleep cycles.
  3. same, i've heard that it doesn't let you reach the stage 4 sleep cycle (the deepest sleep), or at least for as long as is normal. same thing with ambien, the sleeping pill. the deep sleep is where you dream, too, so that could be the reason. having that deep sleep is also where your body recharges most apparently, and i feel like i've woken up less refreshed than i'd like after smoking relatively heavily the night before. same with ambien.
  4. anyone on here experienced in lucid dreaming?

    and to OP, yeah weed does effect your rem sleep, which is the stage where most of your dreaming occurs.
  5. I eat cheese before bed every night and sometimes have really vivid dreams, but I can usually remember at least a little bit. And I smoke every day.
  6. whenever im high when i go to bed, i always have the most cocked up dreams and in the morning i always remember them but most of the time theyre too cocked up
  7. Yeah smoking before bed reduces the brains ability to go into the 4th stage of sleep (REM cycle) which is where dreaming occurs.

    I have lucid dreams all the time while on t-breaks. It's the best feeling, like having your own world where you can do anything you want with no limits what-so-ever.
  8. I never dream when I smoke. I feel pretty refreshed after going to sleep high though.
  9. Everyone dreams every-night regardless if you smoke or not, its wither or not you remember them. A lot of people here I have read say they dont remember, however i smoke everyday and remember my dreams abouts 80-90 percent of the time, with a lucid dream every now and then.
  10. Yes, it's a pretty common occurrence. Happens to me as well. It's because it keeps you in stage 3 & 4 (deep) sleep. When you dream it always occurs in REM sleep, the lightest kind. It sort of suppresses REM sleep, making you sleep deeper. It absolutely helps people go to sleep, but is counter-productive for actually getting your best sleep.
  11. Getting stoned does not effect my dreaming at all. I don't dream every night, but when I do dream I can recall them just as well as I can when I don't go to bed stoned.
  12. i always dream about some random freaky stuff regardless if i smoked or not ;)
  13. I've been smoking before bed every day now for a while... vivid dreams, remember every second of them days after...

    Depends on how in tune you are with your Pineal gland.
    Remembering dreams takes practice, you have to consciously want to remember your dreams before falling asleep and continue to practice it!
  14. NEVER recall my dreams when i'm stoned and fall asleep
  15. Getting high doesn't affect my dreams. In fact, I've been getting super stoned at night and going to bed high and waking up with some pretty vivid dream recollections.
  16. Never dream when I'm toked before bed :/
  17. I got super baked last night and had some crazy dreams..the one I remember most is we were in kind of a refugee camp but I think maybe India or something because there were Indians too, but in the middle of the camp there was this giant thing that I guess was a bomb it had fins and was all black and it had a giant Texas liscence plate on it that said Ass, Grass or GaS on it.
  18. I recently stopped smoking so i can pass this piss test, and I have been dreaming like crazy.. About my Ex girl mostly.. Its crazy. I seriously want to start smoking again just so i can get her off my mind... especially at night and in the mornings. Shit is crazy..:(
  19. I also noticed this. I do think im dreaming though since I sometimes wake up sweating. I know i wouldnt sweat unless I had an intense dream.

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