Dreaming im drunk

Discussion in 'General' started by EMijaelC, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I had a dream that felt real lol I was drunk in the dream n I fell on the floor n I was like wtf is happenin to me I havent drank today then I relized it was a dream and work up that was cool n weird

    Any one had dreams like this?
  2. i had dreams i was trippppin but never high nor drunk
  3. Ive had a congruent dream, 2 actually i have some fucked up/vivid dreams, read it all if you want

    I had a dream that i had these pills ( I had just got done bitin down and had beenup for two days) and i was sketched cuz i had an E instead of a 3G symbol in the top right hand side of my phone, so ithought it was tapped, so i went to sleep and i woke up, i went down to my garage to smoke a ciggeretee after my nice long rest, and i hear a helicopter loud/low as shit to my house, so right as im about to go look to see wtf is going on i hear the loud thump of these blue mats followed by ropes, and DEA and FBI and someother shit ( Like 20 of them 5feds 5 fbi etc etc...) come down the ropes yelling DEA!!! FBI!!! Youre under arrest! and im like for what what and they tell me to shutup and ask me if i know about the Real/trurth about some shit i dont remeber, then they pull out this huge 3" syringe then the news/ camera men come up, they say ur on TV what is the truth?... then i feel the prick of the needle (must have been my phone pushing on my ribs)then they say heartrate increasing ( tehy just said ur on tv in america, im freaking out cuz whole time im thinking, im under arrest getting drugged and questioned all on tv infront of millions of americans) and i feel my heart race, then they say were losing him wake him up... I jump up in my bed and im thinking wtf just happened, i couldnt remember what time it was or where i was or barely even my name and i was just like didnt i just wake up and wasnt i just in the garage getting read my rights or some shit... crazy

    and oh yeah this is pretty crazy too...I had a dream i went into a CVS to get some OTC cough pills and was about to get caught stealing them but somehow didnt and was just pacing up and down the halls just popping them as i got them out of the bottle, then i throw the box and bottle ove into the next aisle after popping them all and bought like a drink or something to cover up my theft, and i walk out and theres these two undercover cops, one of them says something then yells and im ready to runn cuz im almost positive there yelling at me for shoplifting and when i try to run it feels like my legs have weights or are really heavy or like im in slow motion then i just wake up freaked the fuck out....
  4. yea i had a dream i got high about a week ago. it was weird cause it was exactly what its like but it didnt really happen cause i was dreaming.....or did it?

    ^^thats some manchurian candidate shit or somethin^^

    i havent had a dream in a while but im out of buds so the dreams will be coming back.

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