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  1. Im hoping this thread will be where people can post about their dreads and weed...I havent seen any site users with them so i guess this is how ill find them haha:smoke:
  2. i was gonna grow dreads but then my girl shot me down. lol
    but off topicish have you ever met someone with dreads that just kept joints hidden in them? i know a guy who does... and its pretty exciting when you see him reach for his hair lol
  3. Haha that sucks man im about a month into startin natural ones but ive never seen any one do that haha but thats a pretty damn awesome idea
  4. bro yeah like a month in as in already got the hair length or just neglecting them?
    the reason i cant is because it takes so long and she doesnt want me looking like an idiot lol.
    once you get your dreads i demand you post a video of you pulling a joint out on grasscity lol
  5. Dreads look soooooooo bad on white kids. I literally laugh every time I see someone with them.

  6. Haha i will man...and as in already neglecting...i have had long hair for a while and it was like halfway down my back lol
  7. ohman, why not just have it backcombed so you dont get like rediculously big ones and tiny ones? lol

  8. that's like saying "black people look so bad with relaxed hair, i literally laugh every time i see someone with them"
    which is ignorant and rude.

    and btw, i DO NOT FEEL THIS WAY, i was just using it as an example to put your rude post in perspective.

    dude, i've come very close to getting dreads, and am still debating it. the only thing that holds me back is that i work with kids in very professional environments, and i feel i may be looked at differently because of them, which sucks. :( :( :(

  9. Wow, way to be closeminded. Do know that dreads are the natural state of hair (for anyone) when it isn't combed or washed with residue containing shampoo for a long period of time?

    I laugh at ignorant people who think that they are better than everyone else and that they can judge others....Funny how those people also tend to be really insecure :eek:

    I love giving people crazy eyes when they look at me funny! Interesting to see how quickly their glares at me go straight to staring at the ground :p

    I however am 6 months into my dreadlocks!! I'm doing them naturally so I have half dreads right now but they are looking great so far!

    Already got one full on rock hard dreadlock in there...
  10. [​IMG]
    Nuff said.
  11. thems some nasty teeth.
  12. i figure its the same as dreads on a white person.
  13. . Hell ya man i love this post
  14. Thpught about it man but mine wont be like that im makin sure i keep em seperated good and stuff i just wanted it the most natural way possible
  15. Dreads are dope. shake em dreads
  16. Dreads are chill if you can pull it off.

    Very few people can though...

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