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Discussion in 'General' started by Blix, Mar 11, 2003.

  1. What are your opinions on dreadlocks? I'm thinking about dreading out my hair, when it eventually grows out. I've got a crew cut right now, but I'm gonna let it grow out from now on. Any comments?

    Last night my mom was like, "Not before the wedding!" But this morning she was alright with it. My brothers hopefully getting married in a couple of summers from now, and I'll be tapped for best man. He's probably getting married in a Catholic church, btw. If I need to, I'll shave my head and start over afterwards.
  2. yea man dreads would be so cool. i want em but i dont know if it would fit me. also i'll have to wait till my hair grows out. but i think they are cool.
  3. i use to have big dreads about..hmmm..7 years ago for about a year and a half.

    If you want them to look good it really depends on the kind of hair you've been cursed with, i had/got quite thin..not bald thin but each hair is thin and they were real hard work to keep in shape and to stop matting together...like every day i had to twirl, seperate and add more gunk to keep them in shape.

    If you've got thicker/wirey hair it should be easier, i had very long hair to start with and when i cut them off...(a very sad day..and i've still got some in a box somewhere)...they were almost down to my butt.

    anyway i'm running on...go for it mate
  4. haha, i had dreads for like a week....then i figured they didnt fit me so i buzzed them off......

    my friend has dreads..he's white and he gets shit about them......people like, degrade him for having dreads..it really pisses me off.
  5. Yep fuckin dreds are awsome mann.. I say you grow em so you have some faaaat dreds.. My sis has some an they are pretty cool..
  6. dreds r the shit.......... i grew up in jamaica and every1 there has em........... get em yo!

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