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  1. I have some whitish/greyish mold that just appeared overnight
    on the surface of my soil on a couple of my plants....what do I do?
    please help me fix this quick before it spreads or gets worse
    thanx in advance
    also I was wondering what you thought would happen if I waited till outdoor budding season started and put some plants outside that were about three weeks into bud already????
    I wanna free up some more space cause they also are outgrowing their
    space LoL
    From now on Im only veggin for a week or until the show signs of
    new growth, it was so much easier to take care of more little plants
    then fewer larger plants plus i think larger plants increase humidity and
    heat faster!
    Is this true???

  2. just gettin this thread back to page 1
  3. Now I am NO mold expert, but I have 3 plants right now, and when I first started watering, I noticed the mold or fuzz on top. I just took a fork and kind of moved the soil around, and just tilled it a little bit, I have done this a couple of times not, I think it ist just cause the soil is moist and with the open air, its a breading ground for mold.

    I am almost done my grow, I am about 3 weeks from harvest, and I started them from seeds back in April, so ive been growing for a few months and its nothing major on my end.

    When I take some pics next, I will show you what mine look like. I will follow up with you.

  4. Hell Ya'... larger plants transpire more.....small is the way to go ...grow only budz not wood...lol
  5. thanx doc.
    Ill check it out and let you know
    will be goin to my spot this evening so ill have more info tonite!
  6. just so you know hydrogen peroxide solution sprayed on all mold will kill/liquify it instantly, as well as spores. if you use a very weak concentration you can spray the plants themselves to rid urself of potential bud-rotting spores. just wash off the hydrogen peroxide to avoid burning leaves with active oxygen.
  7. what do you think the dilution rate would be????

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