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  1. my question is,
    how tall can you say that you think that these beauties will get?
    they've been in 12/12 now for the second day and were in 18/6
    for 10 days prior.
    using DNF nutrients + 0-53-33 potassium phosphate additive.
    watered every 2-3 days
    no Co2 yet, and "when" shoud I add it???

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  2. they will probably double or triplle there current height. expect roughly 3 ft tall plants
  3. I agree they will double or triple in height
    1.5 - 2.5 oz per
  4. i think you should have been using co2 from the beginning but i don't know, never used it.
  5. For Co2 to be most effective your must have a sealed room so you can get the PPM way up there and the temps 80-88 with the Co2 on ....you guys will need a way to "purge" the room B4 ya' go in ....as far as When? we started the second week of flowering
    They look great :wave:
  6. u can get co2 & oxygen in perfect ratio free of charge - it's called fresh air lol.
    u can't beat good airflow & imo pwns co2 systems where the plant is in effect in a stagnant environment.

    only advantage of co2 is u can run slightly high temps, but u will get that anyway with a closed space.
    is just another item of un-necessary expense.
    not saying it doesnt make a difference, just like the minefiled of different additives all claiming to be the best :rolleyes:

    check out my vid below - these plants have been on same canna base nutes all their life. no changes, no ph'ing, no fkin with ec..........


    very economic way to grow.
  7. Im with Nums here

    trying to perfect mother nature sometimes we go backwards,I stopped using my CO2 system.
    hi CFM air exchange & humidity I found is way more important & productive to me

    ofcourse there are as many grow methods as there are opinions about growing, its what works best for your conditions
  8. well then do you guys think that im gonna have to spread them apart,
    or should i leave em be for now?

    and what about transplanting?
    in my last op, i started with 4 inch pots with pro-mix and had to transplant at 5 weeks of 12/12. so this time i used 7.5" pots,
    and theyre double the height. but my plants are already the size of
    my last op when they were done, and theyre just starting.

    these plants were just 3"-4" clones just 2 weeks ago,
    (10 days veg/3 days bud)
    so I do believe they will be monsters.
    I hope!
  9. Anybody?
    oh well I guess Ill just wing it thanx for the replies
  10. Keep them in the 7.5's and feed them well...
    I think you will be pleasantly surprised;)
    But ya' might need some stakes...lol
  11. if that happens, Ill do a "Happy Dance" in my garden,
    record it and post it!!! LOL

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