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  1. So I'm sort of a noob in growing cannabis, I've read some books, and read many info on forums (just joined now to my first grow forum), and have grown as well. But I want to make from one drawer in my house a stealth op, but for that I have to ask you some help.
    I draw the drawer/closet, that I will use, and with it's measurements (attached). It only opens a small fraction of it (as I hope you can see on the pic), but I will open the back part of it, so I can install the setup properly (and will be were I will start to open it).
    Info on the setup:
    -I will grow organic, because I don't really want a lot of buds, all I want is high quality ones.
    -Firstly I will grow bagseed, but if sucessful, I will buy some really good seeds.
    Questions on the setup:
    -Should I use 400W (MH/HPS) on this? I know they will overheat. But I am willing to buy a cool tube, if the heat problems get solved this way. Notice I already have the 400W MH/HPS. If so, what CFM fan do you recommend me to buy? Or should I go for a 250W CFL (Dual Spectrum), or maybe multiple CFL in order to get about 250W? What do you recommend? Money is not a concern.
    -What training method do you recommend for this setup? Sog? Main-Lining? LST? Super cropping? Perhaps another? Or some of these combined.
    -Do you recommend going for a automatic irrigation system, or just watering by hand? (It will be organic, therefore I won't use chemical nutrients)
    -What organic soil do you recommend? Please just choose any of these, based on your experience.
                -Grow Mix
                -Kilo Mix
                -All Mix
                -Bat Mix
                -Royal Mix (used to be Royalty Mix)
    -What pot size? I own 3/4 gal pot and 1 1/2 gal pot. But, once I again, I am willing to buy other thing, such as SmartPot.
    -How long do you recommend me to veg, having in consideration a certain wattage.
    Thank You for your help, good smokes <3


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    First I would like to say, I like your idea and you are on the way to go for quality buds. An organic soil, does produce least amount of buds and thc, but on the other hand, it does produce more terpenes (aroma/taste), therefore making, in my opinion a better quality bud.
    I can't give you an opinion on the cool tube, never had one, but I'm pretty sure the CFL (Dual) is good enough, but I think (since money isn't a problem), the multiple CFL would give the plant a better light distribution.
    Automatic irrigation is a great think, I would say, but for a better stealth option, a water pump and air pump, would make some noise, unless you could silence them. By the way, a big fan would make a lot of noise, it may not be a option putting a cool tube. Perhaps, multiple pc fan would be better.
    Plagron Bat-Mix might be the best for this (but I'm not good with soils, I like hydro more).
    Pot size depends on the training answer, wich I don't know wich one to advise you.
    This depends on pot, but I think 1 month, will always be enough.
    This is my opinion, let other say theirs, there surely is not only one way to do things rigth
  3. Here is my advice to you....if you have to grow stealthy do not grow at all
    What is that supposed to mean? I have a medical card, and I can grow, and I have grown in the past. all I want is privacy! I don't want everybody that comes to my house, to know that I grow. I prefer them to think I buy it in a local <span>dispensary. It's all about privacy. A grow tent is obvious, </span>a room, would raise suspicious to the people that come to my house. I'm still young, and they would say, "oh, can't I sleep in the spare room?", therefore I can't use either a whole room. This is the only option I'm seeing to grow indoors with privacy.
  5. I don't live with my parents, I don't even live in the same state. I only see them like 2 times a year. But I've grown in plain sight of other people. The spare room I have used to be my grow room with the 400W bulbs. But I was <span>criticized by a lot of people, and I didn't like it, they started to see me as other person, that's why I want to stop to grow in plain sight.</span> I grew a lot of weed, I normally did just one grow or two a year (it gave me enough weed, for the whole year), but now I prefer, having small plants, be growing all year, and people not noticing it. That's it.
  6. So you are disguising who you really are to your friends?
    I have two grow rooms set up here and people do not know when they enter my house because I choose to not let them see it
  7. I see your point, and truly understand it, but my closest friends will know that I grow, but since most of friends live with their parents, and I'm the only one who doesn't, most of the parties we make are in my house, and this brings people that would prefer not to know that I grow, you follow me?
  8. May I ask, why can't a guy grow with privacy? For example, my neighbours knew I grew (I think they don't realize that at this moment), why do they have to know what I do in my house? (this is another point of course, but why can't I have privacy in my house? Do you understand?
    I agree, even though a room full of weed is a very pleasant thought and would be fun for a while, it just isnt practical.
    Your views on growing are the same as mine, have a designated space which isn't too obvious, and you have a hobby all year round. 
    I also like the idea of growing in wardrobes and converted dressers.

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