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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ImPakelika, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. ok, im asking if any of you here have taken it, I took 1 bottle about an hour and a half ago (8 ,25mg pills) and nothing was happening so about 10min ago i took another bottle and still feeling nothing if any of you have done this please tell me how long it takes to kick in.
  2. just wait a while longer.. youll be feeling it. theres no 'buzz' though, so dont look for that.. you just start to hallucinate. youll fall into 'trances' easily, the walls will start to twitch, and by then you probably wont be able to hold a conversation too well, or walk straight for that matter. after, the real shit starts to kick in.. lightswitches will move around on the wall, shadows will dissapear, and you may even see people you know in your room. you cant tell whether something is a hallucination until after it happens.

    be sure to report the effects for us :)
  3. oh wait.. 25mg pills? you probably wont feel much, if anything. maybe a couple minor hallucinations in an hour or so.. nothing too insane

    for the better though.. dramamine isnt a good drug at all.. very bizarre, even scary at times. not fun at all imo, just interesting to try once or twice
  4. well so far I somewhat started to hallucinate, i was laying on my bed watching fear and loathing in las vegas and i heard someone walking on gravle, the noise it makes then when i moved i couldent hear it anymore. I cant wait till it kicks in fully ill keep you updated
  5. do you have any more? or was the 400mg all of it
  6. 400 mg was all of it, If I would have known I needed more I would have grabbed more than 2 packs..
  7. smoke some bud if you have it.. itll make it a more enjoyable experience, and maybe a bit more intense

    its probably better not to do more than 400mg, especially for your first time, but i say if youre gonna do something, might as well do it right and go balls out ;) my first (only) dramamine trip was on 700.. i didnt feel anything the first time when i had 300
  8. yeah smoke some herb and that'll spice up your trip.
  9. well fuck drammamine, nothing happend all night I ended up going to bed earlyer than I usually do cause i was pissed. oh well This isnt my frist time doing it, ive dont it quite a long time ago and didnt trip really hard. I seen my cabnet with a heart beat with blood flowing out of it onto the floor and the celing looked like it was coverd in cockroaches lol.
  10. yeah thats what i though would happen.. i dunno about where you live, but over here you can get like a no name bottle of 30 50mg pills for like $3 canadian, or a pack of 30 smaller 50mg pills for $5. if you really want to try it and actually FEEL it, up the dosage to anywhere from 600mg to 1200mg.. just make sure you really know your shit for the latter ;)

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