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  1. A dime a dozen. Here's a simple trip report. Time starts at noon, logs given by timestamp. They've been cleaned up, except where noted in <brackets>. <brackets> denote I either can't understand what I typed, or meant at the time.

    0:00: Took 12 50mg dramamine tablets. (600mg dramamine/dimenhydrinate)
    0:15: Feeling noticeably lightheaded, kinda peaceful, tired.
    0:45: Very tired, sleepy. Light seems noticeably dim.
    1:30: Starting to feel euphoric. Happy, peaceful. Can barely keep eyes open but watching movies on youtube is rocking ass.
    2:00: I can't understand people talking, intermittantly. Takes a bit to talk. I'm noticeably slurring. Acting as if heavily drunk.
    3:52: Passed out. Probably from <the other ones.>
    4:12: <deeno the last dinosaur>
    4:14: <?//'>
    5:03: I am very thirsty <but cneed to dbrink what is righter. whater. swhatter.>
    5:40: Ate a hot pocket. My roommate is such a douche. Noone cares.
    6:00: I'm starting to feel normal again. Still very wishy-washy, out of it, floaty. Peaceful. I'm sure I slept for some time earlier, though I see I had some wierd incoherent notes. Also apparently at some point I unpacked a new microphone I bought and plugged it. I bought it several weeks ago. No signs of having used it. I spilled a can of pop at some point.
    6:30: Continuing to reach baseline. Not much left in the way of effects.
    7:00: Apparent baseline. Aside from feeling tired I can't tell any differences from normal. Entire trip was foggy. I don't recall any visuals or hallucinations, just disorientation and talking to myself. Severe time dilation, it seems like it's been both very, very, very long and only a short time, at once.

    Not very eventful. Hope this proves educational.
  2. Oh yes.
    Another OTC trip report.
    I'm sure all the other underage kids on the forum will find this intensely useful.
  3. Wow dude, you're awesome.

    To OP, nice man, but be careful with dramamine/diphenhydramine. With long-term recreational use, it can cause some nasty medical problems.
  4. Sounds like most of my DIPH trips except I have mild-medium visual and auditory hallucenations.
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    As always, Safe, Sane, and Secure has been followed for the trip. Also, the long-term health effects are quite mild compared to most other OTCs and especially other non-pot drugs. I've done my homework.

    The myth that dramamine causes all these horrific stories is the result of three things:
    1) People mistaking Dramamine (Diphenhydrinate) for Benadryl.
    2) People taking DXM (Dextromethorphin) mistaking it for Benadryl and DPH
    3) People taking DXM cough syrups containing acetaminophen and/or Guafenesin.

    So quit the OTC hating. It's pointless, old, and not welcome. Everyone has their DOC. If you can't handle that, the drug culture may not be for you.
  6. Dramamine is dimenhydrinate, not "diphenhydrinate." Benadryl is diphenhydramine
  7. I greatly apologize.
    I was drunk and nasty that night.
    That's why I'm rarely drinking much anymore.
    I did it myself many times.
    I did both diphenhydramine and dimenhydrinate.
    I just hate that even since I've been a member (a few months), The Box has gone more from being about LSD, DMT, MDMA, and some other entheogens to having 5-8 threads on the first page about OTC's.
    I did them a lot. I did 3rd-plateau DXM trips every day for a week when I had a few really bad events at 15. And I tripped on DPH and fell and hit my head and ended up in the hospital.
    I just hate seeing people do OTC's when the health risks are much more serious than with other drugs.
    So I'm rambling. Sorry for that comment. I was quite crabby that day.
    I just ask that you be careful.
  8. Wait so someone fill me in... Is dramamine an ingredient in cough syrup? Are you saying DXM is more dangerous than dramamine? I'm a bit of a n00b but i thought that provided you used your brain and bought a cough syrup which only contained DXM as an active ingredient and none of the above mentioned nasties it was reasonably safe....

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