Drama queen girl gets what she had coming

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deathfrmabovce, May 23, 2010.

  1. So yeah their a girl at my highschool who thinks shes the best person in the world. Shes damn good looking, but she takes it to far. Anywho shes been dating a douchebag for a few months and went about telling all her friends (and in turn everyone) that shes going to fuck him for the first time bragging about it and stuff.

    So they did it and the dumb bitch got pregnant.

    We are going to smoke 18 bowls for the next 18 fabulous years of the 2 biggest assholes at our hs.


  2. Isn't karma a bitch? at least to those who deserve it :D
  3. Sounds like a high school rumor, thanks for telling the interwebz about it.

  4. lol dude that's like a karma nuclear bomb :D:hello:
  5. is that her in your avatar? damn she is pretty hot
  6. let her be who she wants you friggen dickshad, egotism is an illusion and power is ego
  7. Because celebrating someone else's misery is cooler than anything else.
  8. Yeah because we all know, being a parent stops at 18 and is in not a lifelong process.....
  9. At least the girl's good looking, not contaminating ma gene pool :mad:

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