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  1. Hello GC, like the title says I need help making a drainage system. I grow in a 2'x3' closet and have about 4 plants running at a time. I grow in soil but I do not have a drainage setup (so I use pots without holes in the bottom) and thought it was time I set one up. I have been looking around online for the best setup but cant really find anything thst suits my needs. Anyone have some suggestions? Thanks.

  2. If you use an organic supersoil you don't have to deal with a shitload of runoff, all you have to do is keep the soil damp. Then you make some self-watering containers and bam, no more wet floor, no more flushing. Do a search for "SIPS" or "self-watering" and check out noobwannab's thread in the organics forum, that's the method I use, couple of baby pools and 8" of perlite, sit my fabric pots on top of the perlite and they suck up plenty of water.
    Cheers and good luck!! :bongin:
  3. I like ^^^ that answer best, but you could always use pots with drip trays and water from the bottom up... I found this worked better than watering from the top. Hth

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    You did not plan before the drainage now it's a difficult task it should to do before so now you search or consult with any other farm nowadays there are lots of techniques like self watering system it will help to solve your issue.
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  5. how about a nice sized tote with a lid then cut holes in lid big enuff for pots to fit then put sa spickot on the side?

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