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  1. So in medieval times knights were said to have went around hunting for fire-breathing monsters in caves that no-one has ever seen, or for witches.

    Think about it for a minute. What were witches? People who knew a lot about plants and used them for medicinal and spiritual purposes. What were dragons? Well some say they breathed out smoke and fire. Sound familiar?

    I reckon they were just after the stoners like they are today, or maybe I just smoked too much. Either way, life is good haha :smoking:
  2. Wow dude...wow. *clap clap* i applaud your high logic. It actually makes sense.....
  3. Interesting...
  4. Witches are no more different than those who practice wicca today. Different methods and shit but essentially the same
  5. In my past life I was a dragon. Now i have the soul of a dragon trapped in a human body, I have to be stuck on land when my heart rages with the desire to fly through the countryside and over mountains
  6. Haha it was the guy posting saying he thought he was a dragon that made me think of this.
  7. they had a documentary on animal planet when i waz in school about dragons an shit. like how they found a frozen one in scandinavia or sum sumthin like that. But you're sayin ancient potheads were mistaken for giant firebreathing beasts? quite an exaggeration:eek:
  8. The so called persecution of witches was not nearly as wide-spread as it is portrayed.
  9. dude i get what you mean, the other day i toked and was like "damn all this is missing is kidnapping a princess and hording my gold in a cave" next thing i knew some knights up in my business like "foul beast release her at once!" so i just burned him to death with my stoner fire breath.
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    People who were persecuted as witches probably suffered from mental disorders

    Yes, people planted crops for medicinal purposes...and died around the age of 40 for lack of real medical knowledge

    And medieval monsters were probably based on poorly-reconstituted skeletons and fossils combined with a lack of taxonomical hierarchy....bitch
  11. I can tell you're not high,took this thread too seriously.
  12. I think big dragons was their excuse for flying dinosaurs that were yet to be extinct. They most likely just made the fire part up.
  13. That's what weed does to me...it makes me serious

    I get high and do taxes
  14. lol i find it hard to believe that they found a frozen dragon
  15. No, it's true

    I bought the documentary

  16. "he who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man"
  17. YOU GUYS im super duper cereal they proved it they found proof that dragons were animals in the 15th century. and thats a fuckin fact. they were animals just like man bear pigs and platypusses and thats a fuckin fact. heres the vid 2:26. its real. o yeah.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uybcmYcQN5U]YouTube - Dragons, a Fantasy made Real - Part 1[/ame]
    o yeah they found one. it waz a carcass and they proved that they lived wit the dinosaurs and all that shit. and thats a fuckin fact.:cool: oh yeah.:)
  18. jesus was a raptor
  19. I have a pet dragon, I never need a lighter, I just call him over and he torches it for me!:hello:

    saves money on flame, and it's a bad ass pet!
  20. Yo your pet ate my grandma! You basstad!

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