Dr. T's 3000W Bubble Buckets w/ ScrOG

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  1. Hey buds,
    It's been a while but I'm back with another journal for my new setup. This time I am running 3 XXXtreme 6 Reflectors each bearing 1000W Horti's over 16 recirculating bubble buckets and of course some good ole scroggin. The strain this time is called Wush which is White Widow x OG Kush. I usually do OG straight up but I thought I would switch it up and go for something a little more bushy than that lanky ass OG Kush!

    I am still in the process of setting up the room but will have it complete by Thursday when I get the clones... Pics will follow!

    Thanks for checking out my journal and happy growing!
  2. Og kush is really lanky. def not the best choice for scrog.

    I look forward to your grow.

  3. I agree. I still would have a screen for it mainly for support but I would usually just let it grow through the screen to keep those lanky branches from falling over rather than tying up so many. From what I have seen the wush is much more bushy and should work better for my system. I guess only time will tell... Thanks for stoppin by Dread
  4. Yo Doc! Long time bro. Can't wait to see what you have dialed in man!
  5. happily subbed, and look forward to the updates.
  6. 2 weeks and nothing....? Hope all is good up north :)

  7. I cant wait to see a 3000 watt scrog... Hope everything's still rolling along!
  8. Sorry for the lag in updating! The clones took a while longer to get than I had expected but I guess that's okay because it allowed me to be a little lazy in setting up the room. Now it's up and running and I will post pics of it by tomorrow. I still need to install the screen though...
  9. Alright here are some pics of the setup. I got the babies last Thursday then put them into a tray with hydroton around them and gave em some light nutes and Great White, then Saturday they went into the system. One of my old ballasts took a dump on me so I have a T5 under one hood until I get my new ballast in the next couple days.

    Putting the babies from the tray into the system:

    That Great White really seems to work!

    The whole setup:








    After 2 days in the buckets:



  10. Damn! Setup is clean! Nice work. I'm excited for this one! :smoke:
  11. What's up bro. It's been a while. I love the new set up. Nice to ya venture out of the tent. This gonna be the shit bro!
  12. Looking good over here...I cant wait to see the results!

  13. Thanks man! Me too!

    What's up KOG! It has been a while. Do you have a journal going now?

    Thanks bro. I'm anxious to see how this one turns out.
  14. Just started a new one myself.
  15. Doc, that is first class all the way man! I have a feeling our minds will be blown shortly relishing in your grow.
  16. So I just got my new ballast now I can fire up the last light. I also ordered up a 12000 BTU AC since my temps were hitting 80-81 with only two lights on and the door open. The AC arrives today and I will set it up and fire up that last light so we should be rocking and rolling with better temps and more light by this evening when they turn on. Pics will follow.

  17. Oh yeah!

    More Power! :metal:

    Cool air! [​IMG]
  18. Nice set up! I would like to ultimately do 12-16 buckets, but in 3 stages of flowering. Can you tell us more about your bucket system? Size of pumps, water lines, connections etc... I wish I would have done some beefier fittings and lines.
    I wish my clones looked like that after 2 days in the bucket... I am begining to think that my clones were not quite ready.
    You can see my 4 bucket system in my sig, would appreciate any feedback.
  19. I love the bubble buckets, but moving away from them for summer.

  20. The buckets are all 5 gallon and the drain lines (2, 1 for each 8 buckets) are 1" lines and the feed pumps are 2 400gph pumps each feeding an 8-Port Manifold. Then 1/4" lines go from the manifolds to the buckets. The chiller is a 1/10hp with 185gph pump running the water from the res to it. The air pumps are 2 DuraPump Air 550s each supplying air to 6 buckets and one Active Air Pump feeding air to 4 buckets all with 2" round air stones.

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