Dr. Micheal Wolf and ET life forms

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  1. wel this is probally the weirdest thing i have discovered for awhile and i know its hard to beleive but i think it is all true heres a link to a website telling u what this guy saw and did. THE REVELATIONS OF DR MICHAEL WOLF honestly some of the stuff i read scared me a bit but one day we will know the answer.....but for now....... :bongin:
  2. Well I believe that governments are holding back ET info from us but I think most of that stuff in there is fabricated.
  3. hmm you would think something more concrete would have been "leaked" if this were real. If he was meeting with extraterrestrials on a daily basis in an area 51 secret program you might expect someone to snap a picture some how. But then again maybe not who knows. This is one mans vivid description of what might have been, and not one of us has the grounds to argue. bookmarked for later reading at a more appropriate....level. haha :hello::hello::hello::hello::smoking::smoking:
  4. Yea it strikes me as odd that none of this ever got to the media
  5. The media is supervised by the government..if our ruling elite don't want us to know yet, then they have the power to keep it that way, as it's been.
  6. Yea but the media usually covers stories like this.
  7. yea this coud be fake but the funny thing is most famous people who work in area 51 or any secret military base they all died from cancer or cancer symptoms???? which means they were messing with chemicals.
  8. Yea I definitely believe that there is some kind of foreign/alien technology in the base but I don't think it goes to the extent of a whole underground "city"
  9. Whenever the media provides cover for some obscure alien story, or something of the like, they never give direct and proven answers. They just arouse the conscience of the community. It's just like watching the documentarys on history channel, they never finish with a valid and proven point, they just leave it in mystery, and keep everyone wondering.

    If a truth were to be let out, it would have to undergo a hefty amount of verifications. That is how the government works, as with the media..no direct yes or no's, just a endless stream of maybes and possibilities.
  10. [ame=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=40897527953040496]UFO - Dr. Wolf Interview[/ame]#

    heres a link to listen to peope asking Dr. micheal wolf himself if anyone is interested.
  11. ^^Nice find +rep
  12. thx for the plus rep i just didnt want to be the only person to ever hear this lol and if i talk to my family or friends they might think im crazy but i did show my roomate and he said it was fucking crazy.
  13. I read that website and it's hard to believe that it's real but it's also hard to believe that he made it up. There are just too many things that seem believable to have been made up. The names of the aliens, the names of the bases, the aliens not being able to break out of silver, etc. just seems too hard to make up. There is obviously always a chance for this to be made up but in my opinion I don't think it is. I really hope that the gov. decides to let some of this ET stuff out soon. I've always been interested in this type of stuff and want to actually know for sure that it's true.

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