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  1. Whats up GS I'm back for round three i was gonna wait but a friend off mine had a real sick plant he gave up on. He was about to toss it just as i showed up at his house to blow one. So i bet him 50 bucks i could save it. Now im 50 bucks richer:hello:.

    The plant is a Lemon skunk. I took the plant on 7/4 really close to death i vegged until 7/14 and she showed sex on 7/31. she is looking real good now.

    The fist pic is a couple days after i received the plant.
    the second pic is on 7/18
    the third is on 7/23
    the fourth is on 8/1
    the fifth and sixth are yesterday and today

    sorry about the first two pics they look like crap.

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  2. Well they Died.... l8r

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