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  1. Anyone familiar with Dr Greenthumb ? Some of their strains appeal to me even tho I' m a new grower (but been in the scene since the 60's) 

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    I found the search button this morning, it's at the top of the page, in the middle of the screen.
    TGA is my latest well-bred favorite. Nice selection of accurately listed effects, growth habits, and flowering times. Just loving them. Like orange weed, Agent Orange is kick ass for taste and effects.
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     Yes, you're very astute..... snot nose.......I was hoping to get more input than what I found and what is TGA a seed bank ? A strain ? whats that got to do with my question ?
    yes i used the search to find out what TGA is
    some of you people need to get over your own magnificence

    Disrespect - doinYODA
  4. TGA is a seed breeder. TGA Seeds. They are stable and he produces good stock. I like the Agent Orange Strain the best. I have no magnificence. I was excited to find the search button, one of the mods had to pm me where it went and I had found in the last ten minutes. I like the search button. 
  5. My bad, it sounded snotty from my end....people have acted like that before....but geez dude I still dont get how you went from my question to TGA ?    Yes ?  I'll check TGA out, thanks for the option
  6. The best response I could tell you is a search could provide you with more information than any one person who may respond in this thread. That's just fact, no disrespect intended whatsoever.  The new search function is pretty cool, Skunk isn't the only one excited about this.
    I found a couple of journals, and it looked like some end product from a quick skim.  I'm going to look into them myself!  Did you have any particular strain that your interested in?
  7. I suggested TGA because of you being a smoker from the 60's on. You would need a great strain selection. All with well represented write up of effect. Searching for you answer fills in all the gaps in your own education, this thread won't. Some searching for specific word use choice you can find other even more perfect strains you might want. I use it like a guide. I was just sharing. I'm not a 'dude'. I'm an old lady. I grow a horrendous amount of weed. I have grown for many many many years...and I'm a strain hunter. I like many companies, and I like many weeds, but I like weed that new smokers do not.  I think that you would most likely like the selection of the TGA seeds because there are many that represent the same or similar to weed working it's way around from the 60's on. The kids are learning, but mainly they like being stoned on heavy Indica's, while I like being high to the eye teeth and seeing spiders on the wall. You can get that at TGA, a bunch to sort through that are really diverse. So, that's how I got to TGA from my reading your post on Dr Greenthumb...
    If you posted here more you would have picked up that while I do bitch once in a which, mainly I steer clear of putting down breeders and seed banks. It's not easy, I make seeds too. I tend, if I am not keen on a company, to direct someone to a better 'fit'/another company, rather than putting that company down for it's efforts. Hence the confusion.
  8. Thanks for the explanation.....I'm glad we got the search button thing ironed out :) Unfortunately I'm just getting over a major Chrons attack and my brain gets scrambled, I couldn't figure out where you were coming from, so my bad. Thanks for giving me more info that I can wrap my head arond, thats the kind of stuff I need 
  9. Well I was checking out Endless Sky but another post said he lost the mother plant and its not as stable as it used to be so I'm looking at Bubba OG and The Dope...I do want something that yields well
  10. Hey Boo, I think I'm the other post you mentioned.  I actually contacted Dr. Greenthumb and asked about the Endless Sky strain in specific.  Originally it was a 90%-10% indica/sativa hybrid ( Iranian Indica x Grenadine ).  He stated that he has since bred out the Grenadine so it is now a straight up Iranian Indica plant.  He also said that he should probably update the website to indicate this (still not done).  The reviews on this strain from people that grew it 5 years ago were "god-like" reviews written last year say the strain is now trash.  Which really sucks as I was wanting to grow this strain next.  I got NO problem sending $225/10 seeds if they are "god-like" I got major issues if I spend anywhere near that much and get trash.  If anyone knows different please say something.
  11. yep that was you
  12. Let me know if you decide to go with any of his product.  I imagine eventually I'll try his Endless Sky strain, who knows I might get lucky and get a good phenotype.  Kinda like spending $225 on 10 lottery tickets though.

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