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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by spiv, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. i was going to see if anyone has had past experience dealing with them.I plan to buy some lowryder seeds but would like to see if anybody has dealt with them. if so how fast was shipping to US
  2. my first seed order was from dr chron.. only downside was the long shipping times.
  3. I've ordered from Doc on four occasions but won't ever again. The first two times went smoothly. However, the last two times I had the same problem, ordered 10 seeds and got 9. The first time Doc promised to make it up to me and he didn't. The second time he did send me a seed. One other thing, if you buy from doc don't order with a credit card. I did that one time and then someone outside the US tried using my cc number to order products off the internet. Fortunately, the bank caught it and called me. I don't know if was doc's fault, I'm not blaming him, but I'm not taking chances with doc chronic again.
  4. Ive ordered 3 times got all my beans each time, sadly the last time he didnt send a single freebie with it but hey i got what i payed for. I have never waited longer than 2 weeks from ordering to get my beans and ive gotten them in 1 week from the Doc before.
  5. I have ordered seeds online 4 times, 3 of those from the Doc. Had good experience every time, got exactly what I ordered (nothing more, nothing less). It seems like I get my seeds faster every time I order from Dr. Chronic. :D

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