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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by tenacity2986, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Ordered 3 packs of seeds. Only 1 envelope with 1 pack of seeds.... anyone else have this happen to them? Should i expect a second envelope in the mail soon? didnt think 26 seeds would be tooo many for a single shipment

  2. hope you get your packages man, sounds fishy thou. hope everything goes fine thou :wave:

  3. I have heard of some seedbanks taking the liberty of splitting the order up so that if customs snags one you'll at least get some of them. That may not be comforting, but I would give it a little more time before you contact the Doc to find out what happened. Hope that helps and good luck.

    Peace and :smoke:
  4. Have you tried emailing him???:rolleyes:
  5. two years ago everyone on this forum was raving about how awesome and reliable the doc was. now days it just seems more and more people are having troubles.

    i'd do as caligrower suggested...email them and ask if you should expect more packages or if something got messed up.
  6. I sent some mail to Dr Chronic and he replied back on the 22nd of September saying that the packages were sent separately and I should be recieving 2 letters in the mail.

    Its strange because I made my order on the 18th (saturday), got 1 letter on the 21st(monday), which is reallly realllllllly fast... like scary fast. LOL but it only contained 6 of the 26 beansss....

    So why woudlnt they split them in a way such that if 1 got seized i would get a 10 pack of seeds and lose 16 to customs vs. get 6 and lose 20 to customs.... Seems like bad math and poor logic, or somethings up....

    Not trying to rank on the doc, he HAS done me good numerous times with great success.(100% with over 12 orders) But dishing out 300 and getting 100 worth of seeds aint flying here.....

    should i ask him if there was a misconception on their end whether 2 letters were needed or not?! im kindda pissing into wind on this one i feel like... other than waitinggg. :mad:
  7. Hello there
    I placed an order @ Dr.Chronic october the 3rd
    I received the dispatch mail October the 5th
    all was good
    but now it is October the 19th, 2 weeks after dispatch.. and still nothing
    I live in Florida and i know USPS sucks bad here, but still my business is running by lots of mails with some delay, but not that much (more than 2weeks for UK / Florida??)
    So i m worrying now ... What if my seeds got seized ...
    I dont like that feeling at all
    Already placed an other order from Gypsy, i v got the dispatch mail early this morning..
    I ll keep in touch with u guys to let u know
    But i m pissd right now (indoor setup ready since the 1st order ...) \t\t:(

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