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  1. Hey what's up GC, I'm about to order some seeds (FINALLY) and wanted to know what you guys thought about Dr. Chronic. I mean I just read a thread about how someone didn't even get their seeds and no help with them, so I'm kind of spooked, because I'm on a budget and don't want to blow $50 on something that won't come.

    I also wanted to know what you thought about these strains from there? I'm going with feminized by the way, and Dr. Chronic seems to have the cheapest fems. I'm asking about the strains here since I couldn't figure out what forum to ask in. >_<

    GreenHouse Lemon Skunk
    Barney's Farm Sweet Tooth
    Dutch Passion Orange Bud
    Dutch Passion Purple 1
    Ministry of Cannabis Northern Lights
    GreenHouse Train Wreck
    Ministry of Cannabis Big Bud

    I just want experiences with how they smoke, how fast they grow, yield, taste, etc... Thanks.
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    I ordered from the Doc about 17 days ago, haven't gotten 'em yet. Most people seem to get theirs in 4-10 days...I'm a lil worried.

    Edit: there was flooding in England and the airline computers were fucked up over here for a day soooo....maybe I'm tripping a lil
  3. i have gotten order from the doc in 7 days but also had some orders take a month.

    you'll get them dont worry

    have faith in the doc
  4. Good choices. I can vouch for the Trainwreck, and I can certainly vouch for the Doc. I'd get rid of the Orange Bud, though, and instead pick up a pack of Cheese fems from GHS or Big Buddha (same genetics either company). If you want more detailed reports on these strains, take a look at my outdoor thread.
  5. Here are my posts about him from this passed week


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