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  1. My most recent experience with the Doc started off terribly, progressed to anger and disappointment, and ended with joy.

    I ordered Mandala Satori x10 for almost $70, figuring Satori is worth the extra dough. Boy was I wrong. This is my 5th time with the Chronic, but my first with Mandala. I can definitely say I will not be purchasing any more Mandala product after this. 2/10 beens popped and the two that did were genetically deformed "rabbit ears" leaf structure- something I would never want from an "organic" company.

    Anyways, I e-mailed the doc and politely told him the situation. After several correspondences, and some pleading (they didn't have record of my payment because I used a money order) they told me they would send me a replacement.

    Well yesterday in the mail arrives 12 Chimera C4 seeds (shiskaberry x snowcap), 10 Nirvana Bubblelicious, and 3 Advanced Seeds FEMINIZED Black Diesel (NYC Diesel). 25 beans of dif and outstanding varieties to replace my sub-par Satori. So my $70 was replaced with about $140


    I am one happy customer and just wanted to tell everyone how Dr Chronic went above and beyond what they had to do to make me content. I would like to recommend them to everyone- as a long time purchaser this is the only time they have let me down and boy did they make up for it!

    5 Stars out of 5

  2. I have bought, raised, mothered, crossed, breed, LST'ed, cloned, hydro'ed, soiled, fogponiced, organiced, 12/12'ed from seed, bag grew, airpot grew, smartpot grew, inside, outside, no stress, highly stressed, burned, nuked, and loved on Mandala seeds for the last 6 years...and I have to say, after about 60 packages of seeds in...I have never, ever, ever, opened a package of Mandala seeds that wasn't fully mature, lovely colour, fully formed, all 10, handpicked seeds.

    I won't comment on what you got, but it wasn't a package of Mandala seeds as they come from Mandala. Nice that the company you bought them from gave you lots of seeds, far in excess of your purchase price, to fix what was done to you. I am glad that you called and pushed your issue and got results, so many do not, it takes a firm stance with some seed stores. Most people don't have the balls to stand up to the stores, they take what they are given to them and cry.
  3. i will say that of the orders i have placed with the Doc, this is the 1st that did not have the original packaging that the beans came in, which is curious.

    I don't have any reason to believe the Doc sent me different ones, but I'm very disappointed not to get to try satori this time around =(

    would you recommend where i can get legit Mandalas?

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