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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by STN, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. how long did it take to get your confirmation email from dr.c after paying for it?

    I paid 2 days ago via online and I do not have a confirmation email....do they even send one...or will my package just arrive?

  2. thats weird buddy i was jus coming on here to ask the same exact question. i sent my money in on saturday afternoon and its now thursday, so i dont know. hopefully someone will shed some light on this, becuase a confronmation email would really calm ease my nerves a lil right bout down lol
  3. Amazing, ordered from Dr. Chronic last Friday (2nd) and they arrived yesterday (7th). Email them with your order # and they will reply. I never got the confirmation email from them from my order.
  4. I remember reading on his forum (hg420) that he was going to be going on vacation (holiday) and other people were going to be filling orders, and such while he was away. Perhaps he is still on vacation? Send him an email, it can't hurt.
  5. Yeah I am in the same boat I sent out last Thur. and haven't recieved them yet but I know that it sometimes takes two weeks so we'll see what is up.
  6. i ordered last night from the doc and got my comfermation this morning that they had shipped.:hello:
  7. Emailed dr.c under the shipping question email addy and they got back to me right away with my shippment confirmed.
  8. when i go on the website it wont let me change the currency and when i try to put something in the cart it doesnt wotk for me? does anyone know why this is happening had no problem before ordering from the doc? is it because what happened to og??

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