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DoWorkSon: Master Kush x White Rhino Journal

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by DoWorkSon, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Indoor Organic Cultivation

    Strain: Master Kush (f) X White Rhino (m)
    Grow Medium: Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    Nutes: Fox Farms Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, & Big Bloom
    Lighting: (4) 24 watt CFLs
    Start Date: 11/01/08

    These beans came from a recent outdoor grow and germinated in a cup of water. Once they popped they were placed in soil and from there they went under the lights. Currently they are on an 18/6 schedual and are being straight watered, no nutes.
  2. Sounds like this could be a decent hybrid.

    I dont think those 4 CFLs are going to get you the results you want with that many plants.

    Anyways Good Luck.
  3. For sure... They will go under a 400 watt HPS in about a week.

    400 Watt HPS w/ DIY Cool Tube
  4. Just as a lil update. we got about 14 cups, all have some action going on inside. some broke ground a bit faster than others. we have 3 that didn't push thru right,1 grew a bit upside down, and the other 2 just looked like they needed to be deeper, so i tried my best to be careful with them so i covered them with more soil. lets hope they make it.:smoking:

  5. Looks like a good start man...

    Are you going to keep them on the 18/6 with the hps? I have had not so good luck trying to veg under a hps. The plants just don't do as well...

  6. Thanks man, i have HIGH hopes for this one.:bongin:

    This past weekend my exhaust fan in my veg rooom took a shit on me. i was just tired so instead of doing the work to replace the fan. i decided to put them under the HPS to veg. ima try to hang my CFLs in my flower room sometime this week.

    yeah i noticed too. looks like its time for to spring for that conversion bulb or maybe a few more CFLs to mix the light.
  7. its been a while since my last post on here. just posting and update. They are now 2 months old now. ejnoy, comments welcome. :smoking:

  8. One really interesting characteristic about those plants is how short the fan leaf petiole is. I'm interested to see what the buds look like on these. Keep up the good work!
  9. I agree.

    Those leaves are growing very close to the stalk, creating a column-type plant.

    Could be Interesting.
  10. Thanks guys, i have been thinking about starting to flower them. A few of them have already started to pre-flower. i havent been able to check all the plants yet but there are a few females in there. Ima have to go thru the plants, number and lable them. im not really sure if i want to clone any of them or to just let them grow. n e ways thanks ill keep postin.
  11. i got bored and cloned 6 plants last night, im thinking ill do the rest tonight or tomorrow.
  12. so.... on the 16th my clones will be 2 weeks old. so that day im going to switch my hps over to 12/12 and transplant into some FF Ocean Forest. I'm going to be flowering 6 clones and 5 seedlings. i'm going to induce flowering by putting them in the dark for 72 hours. it's worked for me before so yeah im going with that method. ill post some pix friday, maybe... :smoke:
  13. Well everything is looking good dude ....:D 2 Thumbs up .....

    But if your gonna transplant them ... Do it first give them a few days 2 recover first then flip the lights ... Trust me it will work out better this way with less stress ...

    Your plants will thank you for it ... Because when you trans them it will stress them ....

    No need to start your plants first day of flowering in a stressful mode .....

    Keep up the good work brother :D

    Best Regards EAzyGReen ................:D
  14. thanks for the advice bro. ima see what i can do to transplant them in the next few days. i might have to bum some cash cuz payday is friday. :eek:
  15. Update;

    we are now flowering, these pix are from day 17. we are using Fox Farm nutes and schedual, i have also been adding super thrive once in a while. At week 5 im thinking about starting to add some sugar daddy and/or gravity. not sure yet... anyways, check out the pix, let me know what you think.


  16. From what I have heard you are supposed to cut off superthrive in flowering. Prob won't cause any problems though.
  17. thanks for the word bro, i use it just as a little boost along with my nutes. i only add it about once every week or 2, usually when i up/change my nutes.
  18. *bump* my girls are startin to smell pretty sweet! :hello:

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