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  1. Hey guys, just broke my downstem, but it's still usable just no diffusion....broke right on one of the slits! How much do you guys think it will be for me to go down to a headshop and pick up a downstem? what are the prices on them, what should I be looking for? My old one had 6 slits, I've heard holes are better?

  2. around 20 for a off brand 6 slit. branded with holes exspect anywhere from 35 to 70 or you could get a worked slide and downstem for around 100.

    these are prices in my area but they shouldnt be too off
  3. Anyone else?
  4. Your run of the meal downstem from an average shop is about $10-$15 for a diffused one. Id say go showerhead!!!! cost extra but holy diffusion batman!:smoke::smoke:

    Whats your bong setup? im guessing gong? 18mm or 14mm?

    Heres the el hefe on the downstem market, flame polished slits and epic quality.

    Alex K
  5. Pretty badass, amazing diffusion.

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  6. pick one up off of ALT for 10 to 100+ or my LHS has em for 20 to 300+

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