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  1. hey my friend recently broke my downstem and he went to buy me a new one today. i have a glass on glass 2 foot double perc. im pretty sure its the 14.4 size and im not sure if the downstem is too long for it, its a beaker bottom and the end of the downstem touches the bottom of the base. i also measured the size of the downstem and its 14.4 and i measured the size of the joint and its 18.8. could it be that its too small? my bowl fits perfectly and its airtight.
  2. If the downstem seals airtight with the joint on the tube itself then it's good. If you really don't know, plug the downstem where the slide would go and suck in from the tube.
  3. yea its pretty much airtight except it hits like theres not enough water in it or something its wierd.
  4. Test out different water levels, make sure the dowstem is locked in.

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