Downstem stuck in my roor!!

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  1. hey watsup yall

    ive had this orange roor for a couple years now and i really love this thing...unfortunately the downstem is stuck and even worse my friend was trying to get it out and broke the the top of the downstem...i feel like ive tried everything from epsom salt and rubbing alcohol to olive oil...even boiling water and a lighter to try and melt the resin a little bit...

    i was wondering if yall had any suggestions...i posted a pic so you can get an idea of what im talking about


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  2. not a really good pic, but try sticking a hanger or something in there to pull it out. thats how my friend got his out of his gear.
  3. if you can still pull then tap with a wooden spoon, pull gently while slightly rotating. It will come out eventually.
    If you cant pull then the hanger may work, or just holding it upside down and tapping till it falls out, but it could take awhile.
  4. Smash the downstem with a long metal thing or something if it's already broke meng. Like put it in there on an angle, and give her a shot with something lol.. It's what I'd do, prolly shouldn't take my advice though LOL!
  5. thanks for the advice...called a smokeshop they said to use a wooden spoon too cause it will keep the pressure even but i dont really understand what they mean with that?? and also i was think about just breaking it with a chisel but really dont wanna fuck up my roor
  6. wooden spoon the not spoon end. lol the shaft part.
  7. oooo hahhaah ok im gonna give it a try ill let yall know how it goes

  8. I have no idea what they mean about even pressure...but I just mean to tap on the joint of the tube...the vibrations will eventually get it loose. Breaking it is possible, but it would be hard to break the part inside the joint without breaking the joint itself.
  9. It sounds fucking retarded.. but when my downstem got stuck, I getto rigged a straw from the end of a WD-40 onto the end of a can of Pam cooking grease. Sprayed all around downstem including inside. Got a rag to grip, and slowly twisted... POP! Goes the weasel.

    Good luck man.

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