Downstem sizes??

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  1. Hey so I'm a little confused about downstem sizes, the bong I have now has an 18/14(or 14/18 idk w/e) downstem If i get another bong that says it has a 18mm joint can I use my old downstem or is the outer diameter of a 18mm bigger?
    I havent really seen a straight answer for this anywhere is it just 14mm bongs have 14mm downstems and 18mm bongs can have 18/14 or 18/18?
  2. yes you can
    14mm bongs have 14mm bowls (14/14) roor blue series have a mini tube with this sizing.

    18mm bongs can be either 14/18 or 18/18

    soif your tube has a 14/18 downstem that means your joint is 18mm and your bowl is 14mm (im sure you figured that out by now) so if you get another tube with an 18mm joint depending on the length of the d stem it should be interchangeable.

    I hope that helps.

  3. yea i was just makin sure the ones with 18mm bowl didnt have like 18+/18 downstems, thanks for clearing that up cant wait to get my new peice!(and still use my fav 14mm bowl) Thanks for the help!

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