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Downstem helpp plzz help =/

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JOhNNy BuDDsz, May 26, 2009.

  1. Ok so let me get stright to the point. i bought a bong a few days ago and i used it yesterday and everything was going fine until after i smoke and was putting away and i took the bowl out and i was trying to take out the glass tube that the bowl its on (im pretty sure its called a downstem). so anyways my downstem broke on me, i have a glass on glass bong btw. So im wondering am i technically fucked now becasue i broke the little glass downstem piece OR can i still toke without that piece and just use the bong itself and the bowl? if it is 100% necessary to have that piece then where can i get another one? or maybe i can use something to replace it so i wont ahve to buy another onee?
  2. pictures help, you lost me after the first line
  3. like look at it this way.. i have
    the bong
    the downstem (is inside the bong)
    the bowl (sits ont he downstem)

    my downstem broke..=// is it necessary for toking?
  4. ya did u break the whole downstem or just the slide of the bowl
  5. Is it the downstem or the ground joint? The ground joint is the glass on glass joint on the side of the chamber where the downstem goes.

    The part that is attached to the bowl is the downstem.

    You can buy another one of these if it's broken, and depending on how broken it is, you might still be able to use it.

    Ground joint is a lot different. If it breaks, it's basically dead.
  6. not a bong user but

    all he did was break his downstem

    yeah... use a pen? at least try and see if it fits
  7. i basically dont have the downstem piece of the bong anymore all i have is the bong and the bowl...yess my bowl has a tube on it..its just i dont have the thing where the tube would go into to sit on
  8. So then you need a new downstem, a waterpipe is pointless without a downstem for water filtration. If you were asking if the slide could be used with just the tube, Id say definitely not, unless it fits where the downstem went, then youd just have a dry, steam roller style bong, which would defeat the purpose.
  9. I dont know, can you?
  10. You need a new downstem......Go to where they sell bongs in your area and ask for one. If your area is anything like mine, they won't let you bring the broken piece in to match it up (around here this sort of activity is grounds for banishment from the store), so what you do is trace the end of the broken piece and bring the tracing to the store with you. Now you have the exact diameter of your downstem and your new one will seal properly when you put it in the bong.

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