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    I just bought a 14 inch 7mm green label bent neck beaker bottom roor off this guy on craigslist (please skip the its fake debate because its not) but yeah I need some suggestions on what type of diffuser i should get for it and the sizes its 18mm btw. It had a luke wilson 6arm but when he was cleaning it he shattered it so he sold it to me with the stock roor downstem

    its the one on far right
  2. If you intend on giving the bong a tilt, then an Alex K is basically the best you can do. However, if you're not because you want your other percs to function then an SG gridded gets the most love around here.

    derp sorry I'm high. Just looked at it. Because It's a bent neck I don't think you could hold it with the showerhead vertically.
  3. its the bong on the right, it has no other percs

  4. Yeh. But if you tried to put the downstem vertically that bent neck would put it at a pretty awkward angle I'm guessing.
  5. yuuup so im just gonna try and get my hands on another 6 arm
  6. Yeah depending on where you live you can find 6 arm stems at your LHS. IN ventura ca we got a place with them for 30 bucks and not 60 like online. And there super nice and handmade in cali. Why not get one. I am soon. But yeah the showerhead wouldnt work. THe SG gridded stem looks sick but dosent stack at all or seem to use all the holes. Also you could get one of the Glasscity Pearl downstems. Those will diffuse like a motherfucker guaranteed. And there cheap and here on Grasscity. Support the shop.
    PS nice fuckin pickup for CL man. I use it to sell glass too. Sketchy on Roors on there though. There all fake around here.
  7. I have a 14 inch lil sista too and i got a 6 inch alex k. Mine is reducing to 14 from 18 fitting so idk if that's a problem for you. That roor looks sick would you mind telling us what you paid?
  8. Hey your in Boca or West Palm...just go to Grateful J's in Boca or delray beach and ask him what he has...he also makes custom glass if need be...hit me up in a PM if you need help smoking out of those pieces, my dude! I'm always down to help out, LOL! Seriously go talk to J before ordering anything...he might have just what you need! I noticed you have concentrate utensils...IAMSOJELLY...I can never find shit like that here...and I'm right down the way from you...

    PS he sells glass extration toobs for BHO...nuff said! Only guy in florida I know even on that tip...
  9. haha lets just say i paid a couple of pretty pennies and leave it at that
    But yo doobious I go to grateful j's once in a while but I havnt gone since I got this piece ive gone to marleys and boca and I was not too happy with what I saw, but yeah for sure i'm going to head to the one on hypoluxo and see what they can do for me, hopefully I can come back on Friday for some black friday headshop sales!!

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