Downstem diffusion?

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  1. Let's keep this thread simple. What downstem offers the best diffusion? could some body who's had experience with any of these give me some feed back.
    Alex K showerhead
    Stone Showerhead
    multiple arm downstems
    SYN Shower head (personal favorite)

    I know that the majority of these are showerheads, but if you've used any of them, post some feedback. also if you know of another kind please inform me!:D
  2. I've smoked out of multi arms, an Alex K, and the roor. I liked the multi arm the most.
  3. My one friend owns a HiSi bong, and all I know is that it's a fuckin' champ.
  4. they sell 6 arm diffusers at my lhs for 60 and the HiSi's are $25. i might pick up a 6 arm next week. would you say that the multi-arms are noticeably better? because there like 2x the price.
  5. I thought about buying that rasta 5mm beaker syn for 110 and adding that showerhead rasta syn downstem on it.. Still don't know what to do yet..
  6. I havnet smoked either but am prob getting a Alex K ....
  7. A showerhead or a gridded showerhead would be awesome in your bong.And a multiple arm downstem would be good to.
  8. Who makes a good quality cheap multi-arm downstem? What are the average prices on them?

  9. whats the difference between a gridded showerhead and a regular showerhead?
  10. dude alex k, i fucking love mine. Another thing to worry about with the 6arm is how fragile they can be. I ripped a 3arm downstem and it was decent but didnt clear like my showerhead.
  11. yeah im gonna keep that in mind, i dont want to break a 60 dollar downstem. i tend to be careless with my downstems sometimes too.
  12. The 6arm definitely takes the cake for having that badass factor. Kinda blows my mind how they can put 6arms on a 18mm downstem.

    Oh yeah being careless with a $50+ downstem is ludacris, i got a case just for my alex k and it hasnt broken yet. Knock on wood.
  13. im not "careless" but its fair to say downstems aren't very strong. especially a 6 arm one

  14. not true at all if its a LW, i have a 5 arm and its no more fragile than any other downstem.

    i also have an alex k as well, both downstems are great and you couldnt go wrong with either
  15. From what I've read and experienced, the best option is a showerhead of some kind, preferably Alex K, although GMD makes nice ones too.

    The multi-armed downstems are nice, and offer excellent diffusion, but clog EXTREMELY easily, so if you don't have an ashcatcher you can expect to have to constantly run water through the downstem to unclog it. Plus, they are extremely delicate, I feel like a simple bump against the sink when cleaning could shatter some of the arms.

    If you're set on a multi-arm set-up, go for a LW 6 arm.
  16. /thread
  17. I own both the diffused downstem, and the Luke Wilson Leisure downstem (6-Arm Perk). They both have their good point's and both have a very different feel when pulling from them. With the RooR diffuser, it feel's as if you can feel the bubble's shooting all around the side's and the diffusion is just intense. As for the 6 arm, it feel's like more of an intense shooting out of the bottom at a crazy bubble rate. I like them both for their own reason's and to tell you the truth couldn't really put one before the other.
  18. Alex K has been making showerheads for years now and has the shaping down to a science. He makes near perfect everytime. A lot of other mimics cut the glass for the holes, this restricts airflow and creates unnecessary drag. Alex K shapes the holes by hand giving a good combo of airflow to prevent drag and amazing diffusion. Look up some videos and you can see the difference. SGW is a nice choice also.

  19. i have actually dropped my six arm downstem before and it did not break. dropped it on tile. its pretty fucking sturdy.

    its also the smoothest downstem ive ever used. however when youre dealing with tree percs, if youre not pulling very hard or theres a lot of water, youre only going to get diffusion mostly out of the top slits. but if you keep your water level low and tilt it back, its fine. itd probably be sick in a straight up ashcatcher so it can diffuse evenly instead of on an angle like in a tube.

  20. i usually hold my tube so the downstem is straight when I hit it. im pretty sure im getting the 6 arm. has anyone used a hisi downstem?

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