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Downstem broke.. how to fix?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokers, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. So I dropped my bong today, but somehow only the downstem broke. It is a very clean break. I wrapped some duct tape around it - and it worked for awhile but it is not a long term solution and not air tight. What would be the best product to fix this?
  2. Are we talking about a glass on glass bong and downstem? Where on the DS is the break? Pictures would be great if possible.
  3. I will get a picture for you.. 5 mins.
  4. Best way to fix that is to go buy a new downstem.
  5. Really instead of trying to fix, might be same price to replace.
  6. Guys, I'm sure he knows his best bet is buying a new one, but at the moment he's just looking for a quick fix. Offer help or move on.
  7. Here are pictures of it. The bowl and downstem are one piece, but it is glass on glass. I do not think there would be a replacement for it because it seems it is a custom size joint. And it has a really nice diffuser on it.

    Attached Files:

  8. It looks broke man =| if you can't get a new one "my problem" you might have to get it custom made or buy a new bong?
  9. Nah. I will never give up on her. There has to be some way to fix it.
  10. Maybe a tiny dab of super glue?

    Or you can try the clear tape wrapped around it then heat it to melt it and make it more air tight.
  11. I just put a ring of superglue on.. so far its looking good.
  12. Can't you just use the bowl and little bit of the downstem that's left and just not have a downstem that goes all the way down the bong?
  13. Good job broski! Get back to tokin asap! The glue shouldn't have any huge negative effects like killing you but you might get a funky taste from it depending how much you used and how much squeezed into the inside of the stem.

    I never understood this. I have a couple friends who do this and when I hit the bong it barely feels like a bong and more of a dry hit.

    OP if the glue doesn't hold you can always use that bowl for a homemade pipe, maybe a steamroller?
  14. Superglue is working great so far:) good as new. Uh. I don't think the superglue is changing the taste, because the glue is never in the water.. and that part of the stem doesn't even get hot to the touch.
  15. buy a new downstem & turn that one into a gravity bong bowl piece.

    sorry about your loss.
  16. I was thinking the hot smoke might be enough to taste it but sounds like you did a good job. Happy tokin, bud!
  17. [quote name='"smokers"']Superglue is working great so far:) good as new. Uh. I don't think the superglue is changing the taste, because the glue is never in the water.. and that part of the stem doesn't even get hot to the touch.[/quote]

    Yah don't listen to him, you're perfectly fine for now. Couple things though, don't get it wet because it will quicken how fast tje glue stops working. Also, pick up some PTFE tape otherwise known as plumbers tape and wrap a little bit around the broke spot for extra support.

    I have a bong where the joint broke off completely. I superglued it back on, wrapped it in PTFE tape, and I'm gonna smoke from it when I get home. I've taken a useless broken bong and have gotten MONTHS of extra usage out of it.
  18. Luckily it was a clean break, you could easily use ductape, i dont know about super glue cause im kind of skeptic that the hot smoke would travel trough and it would pick some up. The part doesnt get hot because its near water, but the smoke that travels straight from a bowl and be hot and pick that up unless you put a small ammount so it wont squirt over the sides.
  19. I think he posted that he tried duct tape and it wasn't completely air tight.

    He probably went with "a little dab will do ya"

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