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    how often do you guys hit >1 mbps?

    i just got to 2 mbps on a torrent, it's probably the first time that's ever happened. i'm usually around 1mb, if i'm downloading multiple torrents it's usually distributed evenly, but say if i stop all but one with enough seeds, it'll go back to 1. am i being capped by my isp?

    just did a speedtest, dl speed is 10mbps and u/l is .9 mbps.

    what puzzles me is that we upgraded our internet, and i haven't really noticed any changes. it's always around 1mb.
  2. You cant blame torrent speeds on your internet, thats partly the seeders fault. And yes, your ISP has the ability to cap these speeds, they can even totally block you from being able to seed a torrent, or download it.

    I have Verizon Fios and my up/down speeds are 50/25, and most of my torrents max out at 3 MB/s

    Im not 100% sure but if you have multiple torrents open than you have more trackers, more trackers = faster downloads so if you make 2 out of 3 torrents stop your telling those trackers to stop working, thus reducing your torrent speed.
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    Go to and download the 100MB test file (on the main page), their servers are some of the fastest you'll find. I can hit 1.7MB/s from their servers.
  4. thats wierd . i pay for 3.6 MB's and i get 3.6 MB's . ask you isp if your being throttled
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    2 mbps on a torrent blows. That's 250 KB/s. If you got a speed test of 10 mbps and .9 mbps up then you might be getting throttled. 10 mbps is about 1.2MB/s. You need to know the difference between megabit per second (mbps) and megabyte per second (MB/s). Speed is shown in mbps but when you download things from uTorrent it converts it to MB/s. Instead of showing 20 mbps it would show 2.5MB/s.

    1 byte (B) = 8 bits (b)

    Some public trackers are really slow. If I were you I would try to get access to a few private sites (people with seedboxes) and then you will always max your connection. I have a 1MB/s Up/Down line and I always max out, up and down.
  6. I think your Simply reaching the cap your service provider has. They might be capping torrent downloads. I think they can do that
  7. Is is possible your ISP is throttling torrents, a way to get around that is to use a VPN. They are fairly cheap at about $50/yr and will eliminate your ISP throttling you, and it also encrypts all of your internet traffic so that the ISP is unable to see what you send/receive.
  8. LOL you guys.

    I reach my limit at 132 kbps.

    I live like 20 km outside of a city, and this is the fastest DSL we can possibly get right now.

    It's fine, but still nothin compared to that big city speed.

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