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  1. The 3 leaves and single leave have already fall, but now my 5 leaves are getting a yellowish tone, can someone help me. And also is she looking good for one month and 1 week? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Those early three finger leaves usually die. I don't see any other issue here, looks healthy.
  3. Soil could use some perlite other than that looks normal
  4. There is nothing wrong with your plant. If it's drooping, 99.9% of the time that means one of two's too dry or it's too wet. Never ever water a plant until you can lift the container and it feels feather light. To keep these plants healthy you have to give them defined wet/dry cycles because they don't like the roots sitting in wet soil all the time. With a larger container, you cannot tell by looking or by feeling of the first couple of inches of soil, how much moisture is down deep, so lifting the pot (the lift test) is a sure-fire method of knowing your plant actually needs more water. Looks to me like you need to top the plant so you don't end up with one long cola and nothing more. Do all your pruning during the veg cycle and preparing your plant for best harvest. Every top you pinch off will double and where there was one top, there will now be two. However, remember that the more tops you have on each plant, the less size you will get in the don't go too far with it. I usually try to end up with 8 per plant myself. I'm sure others have other ideas. But unless you top the plant, when you put it into flower you will only have one main cola develop...but that's up to you. As long as the new growth on your plant doesn't have anything weird going on and the overall coloring of the foliage is that rich blue green we associate with a healthy plant, your plant is OK. You will have old growth die and fall off throughout the plant's life and it doesn't really mean anything other than those leaves are not getting the nutrition/energy they need to live at that point. If you see things going on and it's happening on old growth, that represents time gone by and means nothing about the current health of the plant. Happy growing! TWW
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  5. You soild def will need better drainage
  6. Thank you very much for your time!

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