doug is a trippy ass show

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  1. why these people orange and purple
  2. walk around, experience the fantasy

    epic line from doug

    euphoria kicking in

    yay weed
  3. Doug is fucking trips the dog man
  4. Wait, im thinking of dilbert :smoke:
  5. DUDE. I'm watching Doug right now! haha

    Why can't Doug just find a pair of cool shoes?! It's not fair.

  6. its all good
  7. This thread made my night. Never a dull moment here.[​IMG]

  8. but he's got the fucking coolest shoes man cause they're beat to hell and vintage and signed by the purple balla soul man
  9. skeeter was most definetely on drugs. i remeber one episode, the electricity was out so doug went to skeeters house to see if he had power and skeeter was sitting in front of the tv and was like "shhhh im wtaching". the tv was off and the power was out at hi house too hahahaha it was something like that

  10. I know! But everyone is picking on him :(
    Sad panda.
  11. Quaaiillmaann!
  12. and porkchop!
  13. patty mayonaise's name makes me lol
  14. I was always a bit concerned Mr. Dink may have been a sexual predator. I'm sorry, but his relationship with doug was just not normal.
  15. I'm like Doug's friend skeeter whenever I meet her. Cause I skeet her so hard people call her Patty Mayonnaise!
  16. Quailman, i kill quail
  17. OMG I used to watch doug all the fucking time!

    fuck I miss that show. :)

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