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    so this is the finished work. its A0 black fineliner. without sounding like a dick it looks better in real life, it loses alot of the detail on the screen. im currently getting a set of prints done ( i nneed to make up the money i spent on weed doing this)

    anyway hope ya'll enjoy it. ive recently completed a commission for a guy knocking around the forums called snarfblaster...sen it today so i guess we'll find out if he was happy with soon. mean time roll a joint and have a stare...or better yet save your money and buy the print then roll a joint and have a stare
  2. How would buying a print rather than looking at it on here be saving any money? I would think it the exact opposite.

    Anyway, that looks pretty awesome, man. That must have taken a pretty good chunk out of your lifetime.
  3. that's sick!!!
  4. bump. just because Rock4Light is right, you're not gonna save money but you could have a kick ass piece of art.
  5. Yea dude, how long did that take you? Just curiouss.

    But it's so damn cool. Amazing amount of detail, I wish I could see it in real life. I love how the longer you look at it the more you see. So so cool.
  6. whoa. thats good.
  7. DEFINITELY deserving of a print
  8. agreed thats crazy good
  9. how big is this? what by what?:wave:
  10. Holy fuck-a-moley!..That's the kewlest chit I've seen in long time mayn.What kinda pens do ya use?

  11. thanks man, i like your stuff too...Bob reminds me of my mate nathan from work :hello:

    it won't be long till i have these in print so if you're interested i'll keep you posted.
  12. ha thanks man, i use all sorts of pens if you see it real life you can tell the crappier pens from the better ones coz they all say black of course but some of them 'rot' and go a kind of copper colour after a while. I don't use a particular brand tho...but its mainly done with 0.1 to 0.3...i don't think there's much above that apart from the areas to fill.
  13. hi it's A1...i don't know what that gives in American terms but its pretty big...actually i looked it up and its 594 mm x 841 mm, or 23.4" x 33.1".. so yeah its pretty big.

    first piece i've ever done stoned and its probably cost me more than i'm ever going to get back off it to draw :D
  14. Damn dude it is preety large, makes me wann try something like that if i do ill post it up...wont be nearly as sick tho but what ever, you should post more of your other stuff:hello:
  15. yeah do's a slog and you really have to want it but after a while you do an hour here and hour there and it builds up. this one took me around a year with periods of a month or two where id work on it every night...should i post more here or in another thread?

    im gonna have to do some more now and spend some money on being :smoking:

    if you do start be sure to keep me updated somehow
  16. yeah i know how those big projects are lol ill put them off for months lol but yeah if i do ill let u know. post em up here keepo your own thread going. if u got any lil characters post them on my thread.
  17. I just may when I got money.

    Dude must be chill if he looks like Bob lol
  18. wow thats beautiful
  19. so i started something like yours not as good and my own stuff kinda but its kinda fun
  20. I might need to do something like that I haven't actually done a finished piece in a while

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