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Doubting yourself every now and then

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nomoredoubts, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. The reason I put this up is as much as I love the herb and all she has to offer when you face so many brain washed lost souls who think they know best telling you its bad and wrong its sometimes hard not to question this lifestyle every now and then but when you look at the alternatives in life I think us stoners lead an amazing life if only the rest of the world understood what we understand and could live life to its fullest glory happy and high.

    When some people ask me why do you smoke that rubbish or maybe they just cant get their heads round why some one would smoke cannabis on a regular basis I usually answer the question simply by telling them when you think about what the alternatives are to feel this good, happy, relaxed and just a general sense of well being why not.....?

    If you look at the alternatives we have in life to feel better/happy alcohol, prescription pills, drugs, getting in lots of debt and buying fancy things or just plain old living your whole life sober straight and bored out of your tiny mind cannabis is buy far the safest and logical way foward.

    Is it just me or do you guys have a little moment every now and then where you doubt your stoner life even though you know how good and beneficial it is to you, I dont think we would be human if we didn't but maybe there's some older stoners out there who have fully made peace with their doubts and always know their doing the right thing all of the time?

    Please feel free to talk about when you first realized you and the herb were ment to be forever and nothing in this world was going to ever change your mind or if you still have occasional doubts.
  2. I feel that way too sometimes and I'm not quite sure how to put it into words.

    I feel it about most things I do though, always wondering whether it was the right thing to do or not. There's so many aspects in life I always wonder what my life would be like in different a situation.

    But when I get to feeling that way I think about how I'd probably feel the same curiosity/doubt in any of those other situations. So I relax, smoke a bowl and enjoy what I have going :smoke:
  3. I started very early, but to this day, I've never regretted starting. It's a great way to spend the time, when the alternatives are drinking or other shit. Enlightenment comes to mind as well.
  4. The only thing that makes me doubt smoking is not wanting it to mess up my physical fitness for sports. So long as I keep at my current fitness level or improve I don't plan on stopping/cutting down though :)
  5. I can agree, I've had my moments of doubts, I've had low points in life;everyone has. I think we get to ourselves and we confine ourselves to what we're told, but when I spark I see everything in the broader perspective and realize as long as I am happy, I am healthy and I can keep doing good.

    Also when it comes to my kids my ex boss put it the best way, if asks he will tell him everyone of his drug experiences, if not nothing happens. He dreams of the day he catches his kid blazing, so he can run in, take it from him, take a hit, and be like this is shit, you only smoke good stuff in this house, and leave with it.
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    The only times I have regretted smoking herb are when I can't even get any higher, but I smoke anyway just to taste it. •__•

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