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DOUBLE THC Potency? would this work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cherrygarcia, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. On another site I came across the following bit of information in a post about converting THC to its acitate.

    The potency of marijuana can be increased by about 50% simply by simmering a water slurry of the material for 2 hours. Add water as necessary to maintain the level. Cool and filter the mixture, and refrigerate the aqueous solution. Dry the leaf material at low heat. Drink the tea before smoking the marijuana. The effects are much more intense and last longer than those from the untreated leaves. The boiling water treatment isomerizes the inactive CBD, and decarboxylates THCA to THC.

    Although Cannabidiol (CBD) has no psychoactivity, it does antagonize THC and produces other valuable sedative, antibiotic, and anti-epileptic effects. CBD can be isomerized to THC. If the plant is Phenotype III (containing mainly CBD in its resin), isomerization can double the yield of THC.

    Now, I took a year of High school chem and last semester took essentially the same thing so my knolodge of organic chem is pretty limited but do any chemists here see some truth in this? I'm on a T break right now, so I wont be able to try it for awhile, but when I come back in 2 weeks how well will this work?
  2. I'm curious
  3. Ill try this out when i geg some trimmings from next harvest! Sounds amazing!
  4. So drinking and.then smoking? Wouldn't it be the same high doin the same two without that?seems like a long decarb process
  5. I highly doubt it will work, I believe if there is any difference its because you'd be consuming it orally and smoking it. Wouldn't mind being proven wrong, but I feel like it won't do much.
  6. hang on I'll try to post a link to the entire thing. If chem is your thing and you've some time on your hands, you could really have some fun:

    converting THC to its acetate makes it psychedelic
    second post down, sounds like the guy REALLY knows his chem shit but idk how practicle or even true it is.

    In fact at the moment all I'm really sure of is Keif is some funnnnnn stuff :D

  7. I'm pretty good with chemistry, I'll give it a read and review it when I have time, 3AM and have class in the morning so doubt I'll have time now.
  8. It will not work, isomerization of CBD to THC will occur only under acidic conditions. Despite water being amphoteric (can act as an acid or a base), the dissociation of water from 2H2O <--> OH- + H3O+ happens so fast that it will not have an effect on CBD. Boiling the water and adding the marijuana will only decarboxylate the inactive THC acids into THC.

    The rest of the article, however, is correct but very difficult. To work with Benzene (known carcinogen that causes leukemia) and sulfuric acid (it will burn through your skin and bone in strong enough concentration) with no lab experience or the proper equipment is a disaster waiting to happen.

    graduated with major in bio, minor in chem and in second year med school.

  9. So if it's converting the inactive acids into THC, it is becomming more potent, right? I know the rest of the article is some serious stuff that without proper training youd be crazy to try to do it, let alone smoke the after product but just boiling would boost THC?
  10. I mean it would but why do all that to decarb it?? just put it in aluminum foil, throw it in the oven at 210F for 25 min.
  11. Decarbing your marijuana or concentrate doesn't do shit unless your putting them in an edible.
  12. I believe if there is any difference its because you'd be consuming it orally and smoking it.[​IMG]
  13. CBD (cannabidol) is the result of the degradation of THC. when you harvest your plants way too late, the reason it doesnt get you as high is because most of the THC has degraded into cannabidol.

    they have found cannabidol to have mild psychoactive effects, but it is mostly used as a very important compound to treat cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

    this, what the op said, the science behind it will not work....

    ...........its basically like saying "if we just smoked twice as much weed as we just did right now, we would be twice as high!"

    hope this helps

  14. #15 the814, Mar 24, 2012
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    what? i'm way too high for this haha.

    edit: nvm haha. i reread it and think i understand... just simply boiling your herb then drying it out makes it twice as potent? why wouldnt' everyone just do that? it doesn't seem like that much of an inconvenience not to do?:confused:?

    and to money may kerr: what i said ^ would work? or putting it in the oven?

    someone should confirm for sure :smoke:
  15. exactly what OSUB said, and decarb before eating it not smoking it. Don't do the water its a waste of time.
  16. I thought you could decarb before smoking. i have seen ppl swear
    that it works
  17. I mean you can but the reason you decarb before eating is because the thc and other cannabinoids are mor bio available and it can be extracted into thc soluble reagents. I feel like you already decarb the weed when you smoke it since its exposed to direct flame and doing it before won't have much of an effect to notice

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