Double Sided Vertical Scrog Idea.

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by bound, May 22, 2013.

  1. So I've seen plenty of vertical SCROG grows, and I thought of this, and I'd like any input you guys might have. 
    Most vertical grows have the screens mounted flush with the walls of the grow tent/box to create the most surface area possible.  But if you've got three walls, that usually means three plants.  Some people (like me) would like to keep the number of plants to a minimum, especially if you have to include mothers and clones into the total.
    The idea was thus:  Mount the lights on opposite walls where the screens would normally be, and place the grow container in the center of the space.  Hang the screen parallel to the lights directly over the plant.  This way you could train the plant SCROG style, but have leaves and buds on each side of the screen facing their own light source.  You'd double the surface area of the grow, and allow more surface area of the leaves to collect light, because you could just take leaves that would normally overlap and face one towards the opposite light.   It might work really well to have two parallel screens maybe two or three inches away from one another, so that you could train up the outside of each and have a nice space for airflow up the center.
    Thanks for any input!

  2. That is a pretty cool idea  :yay:   I'm looking to get into modified vertical scrog as well, check out my idea I had with it to make absolute best use of the space I have while keeping a plant that I can actually remove from the cab!  I can't stand how I can barely get back to my pineapple skunk lol
    have another but it will involve a crap load of solo cups lining the walls like vines or something :smoking:
  3. Tomato cage will be your friend here as well as one of those blue plastic barrels lined with mylar to grow inside so you can make usage of the all around light to how your plant is growing.Just food for thought."what's reefer?""about $500 an ounce"

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