Double rolling?

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  1. I was curious, does anyone double roll their joints? For those of you not familiar with the term, it's simply when you roll one joint, then roll it in another paper. I myself do this from time to time, just to tighten up a loose joint or a ripped one. But I hate doing it because you smoke more paper (obviously).
  2. I've heard of people doing it, but never tried it myself. I guess it burns slower too, so that's another advantage.
  3. On the rare occasion that I don't have a Dutch and I can bum some papers off my dad, yes I always double wrap my joints. I kinda thought everyone did. :D
  4. I usually will only do it if the joint needs it.
  5. First of all, you're totally wrong, it burns faster. Second of all a whole other piece of paper would make in much more harsh and the hits would be uneven. you'll get just as high but its not as enjoyable.
  6. Just double rolled two 1g joints. And another thing. They make your joints alot sturdier.
  7. I got homies thay kind of do that but instead they use two zig zags to make one zig zag and it burns great
  8. I double roll joints that I take to my Drum Corps rehearsals in the Winter. Allows me to hide them from the familia on the way up and ensures that they're not crushed during the journey.
  9. never done it before, never had the need too
  10. the thought never occurred to me. I have always thought more paper is a bad thing.

    I can see where it would be good to fix a loose or poorly rolled joint, but I would rather re-roll the joint with the second paper.
  11. Back in the day, my friends mom used to roll her own cigarettes and when I was over at my buddies house I would roll them for her. Which is where I learned to roll. But she used to prefer me to double roll them, I guess weed and tobacco are different though.
  12. no need to double roll if you use the right papers. EZ-wider 1 1/2's all the way.

    i dont always roll joints, but when i do, i prefer single paper joints.
  13. i use EZ double wides n i never roll them doubled cuz they r big. n rollin them doubled is a shit ton of paper!

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