Double ice pinch bowl piece by Apix Design rasta

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  1. Toro rasta circ to circ matching bowl piece custom made by apix design / smiley agent

    I have a few videos of my pieces but here is a video of it in youtube bad angle sorry but showing off the bowl:


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  2. Impressive.
  3. Thanks im really happy with it!
  4. smiley agent makes some cool ass stuff
  5. I highly suggest him for any if you like that I wanted it monday got it yesturday works fast!
  6. very nice double bowl. love how it matches the toro
  7. Can vouch for how fast apix is. Sick bowl/s. The black joint is siiick.
  8. awwww shyt.

    that double bowl is ridiculous!

    mite have to get me one of em.
  9. Unnecessary.

  10. yes, your post is.
  11. What is unnecessary? It is awesome to have two bowls
  12. I like it, but it seems like more of a novelty slide no?
  13. its not a novelty because it actually has purpose. obs uv never wanted a nice hash bowl on one side and a full bowl of kief in the other , get wet
  14. ^
    I have no idea what you mean but ok.
  15. It's pretty cool. Put one strain in one side, a second in the other. Oh the possibilities!
  16. One bowl of hash+one bowl of kief=wet face
  17. ^
    Shit. Sounds like a hell of a rip.

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