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Double blunt wrapped.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Knivez0r, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. My friend has discovered wrapping his greens in two blunt wraps.

    Is this a good thing to do? Or a bad thing?
  2. its good if you enjoy nicotene.
  3. thats dumb
  4. because there's nicotene in blunt u have autism?

    and unless he'ss rollin a super big fat blunt two wraps is a waste, and the smoke will ebe prety harsh
  5. Wait wait wait... So what do you think blunt wraps are made out of?:confused:

  6. Are you an idiot? What do you think a blunt is made out of?

  7. Blunts are made out of tobacco leaf. ...
  8. they dont put nicotene in blunt WRAPS dumbasses, in cigars for blunts yes

    legally they can't put them in "royal blunt wraps" because royal will not allow it because it takes away from the flavor. but other wraps they might.

    but im near positive they dont in royal, i looked it up
  9. There is nicotine in the inner wrap on a cigar, and in a wrap. Both are negligible.

    Unless he's fitting 2 wraps end to end for a super blunt, there is no point. I used to roll joints with 2 papers while I was learning, but now double wrapping anything is a complete waste.

    It might burn slower double wrapped, but each hit relatively less weed.

    Single wrapped is the way to go. Ask him why he does it, I dobt he'll have a real good answer you can't poke holes in.

  10. Does he think he invented the idea? Maybe because nobody does it and for good reasons.

    1. Overwhelms the taste of the weed
    2. Risk of the blunt being too tight and not pulling
    3. You're supposed to use as little paper as possible, not double up. Your friends lungs are gonna look like blunt wraps if he keeps that up.
  11. im thinking what the fuck? one blunt wrap is enough to take down most of the good taste of the green. why double it? and whats the point anyway?

  12. how can yall smoke blunt wraps they nasty as hell

    dutch masters (leaf) > blunt wraps
  13. yeah i agree
  14. dude - he might have slight autism but you are completely fucking retarded

    blunt wraps ARE made out of tobacco

    - rep for being an idiot
  15. Where im from we used to roll up two dutch masters (OH WOOPS), it's like having two blunts in one. The blunt is long as hell and burns for mad long, works great when you burning with a bunch of heads.
  16. not positive but as far as i know blunt wraps are made out of tobacco but that doesnt mean theres nicotine in them. just cause theres nicotine in cigarettes doesnt mean there is in all tobacco right?
  17. of course there's fucking nicotine in them they are made almost purely from tobacco!!

    jesus christ
  18. alright well i dont smoke cigs so i was always under the impression that the people that make cigarettes put nicotine in them to keep people addicted. didnt know there was nicotine in all tobacco. like theres barely any nicotine in the tobacco for a hookah i know. I was just saying what i thought and throwing out my 2 cents so you dont have be a dick.
  19. he can smoke whatever way he wants to.
    its his lungs.
  20. \
    did seriously just give me a -rep faggit

    when the fuck did i say its not made out of tobaccco? of course its made out of fucking tobacco leaf, what do u think i thought it was, cardboard?

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