Doses tomorrow?!?!

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  1. Whats going on Boxdorians. I am trying to decide my plans for tomorrow. Originally I was to have class, however, that was canceled and it is to be a beautiful day. So here is the question, I have a 3.5 cm long strip of digital buddha acid I picked up at moe.down a couple weeks ago, i'm not really sure how many hits it is, I want to say between 4 and 6. I could take a picture if someone could determine from that with a ruler scale.

    For some background I had eaten shrooms 4 times before this, 2.0g, 2.5g, 3.5g, 3.8g.

    Anyyyyway... I ate around 2-2.5 hits originally, 1.25 then 1.25 an hour later, and I didn't trip super hard, but I definately felt it good, this was at the festival. A week later I took a similar dose, but all at once and tripped by myself and was fine, I could have lost my thoughts once, but I controlled it easily enough. This was all indoors and at night. And from these experiences I feel like the doses aren't overly potent.

    So tomorrow, I want to eat what is left of the digital up on my property in the woods. There are hay fields, corn fields, woods, a stream with a waterfall, cabin, etc... I know this area very well so I am comfortable there. I plan to take drinks, water, oj, vitamin water, something to eat, my ipod, and some bud.

    So I guess what I want to know from experienced boxdorians is how to optimize the solo acid experience? I feel like last time was no good due to the tv, computer, and whatnot. I'm extremely comfortable in my own head when not under the influence of pshycs, so I don't think thats a problem. I'll have my ipod with Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Grails, and tons of music that I love. So to avoid further rambling by me, any suggestions from my fellow boxdorians??
  2. an average blotter hit is 1/4 of an inch, so u can check with a ruler

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