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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ills, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    They are called angels, got 6 for 60. Should be a good time!!:hello::D:smoke:
  2. thanks
  3. nicee, i need more doses!! i only have 2 left and i want to take both but i also want to trip with someone....
  4. sexy tabs right there man.
  5. Ahhh! I see direct light! Just playin and nice doses bro!

    P.S. Glad I could help you take this.
  6. eat them all at once! :hippie:
  7. Do it.
  8. Dude you read my mind. As i was previewing my post i noticed the light bulb in the reflection off the mini mirror haha.

    It was only out for 5 seconds maybe, shouldn't effect it too much eh?

    thank you for the help!
  9. isnt it only affected by direct sunlight?? or is it all lights?
  10. you should fax me some....
  11. Its any direct light, natural or artificial. But really if it gets a couple seconds, hell even minutes worth its probably not going to be degraded that much, I mean I immagine these hits go through a decent amount of people before they finally reach the user, theyre gonna get some light.

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