Dose any one else think Communism dosnt sound that bad?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tommydaboy, May 10, 2010.

  1. The idea of giving up a material world and living as one and dissolving this corrupt institution of religion and fueding political parties is similar if not exactly the same set of ideals the hippy's had in the 60's and 70's. call me Marxist or whatever but this sounds like a hippy commune, i wonder if Trotsky toked up ,well never know
  2. It looks good on paper, but it doesn't work.

    Also, wrong forum.
  3. It seems probable, until you add in the human factor.
  4. It's possible on a small scale like a hippie commune or something. But on a large scale the human element takes over and it all goes to shit.
  5. it seems people like Kruschev and Stalin give the idea of Marxism a horrible name. the human factor is greed, someone always wants more than the next guy. no one has thought of how to eliminate greed

  6. Simple, eliminate the human factor.
  7. you cant really
  8. that just eliminates the whole idea but i understand what your getting at. communism/Marxism has to be a decission for those who have no greed

  9. I dont think there is a political system that works. Every one seems perfect until its put into practice.

    Also, Charles Manson was a communist;)

  10. what royksopp said

    and 2 be honest it dosnt even look that good on paper ;)
  11. elaborate
  12. My main objection to Communism is this; if everyone is equal, why does a political party have the power over everyone else? Why is one man appointed as Prime Minister, President etc if everyone is supposed to be equal?

    For this reason, I don't support Communism. I dig libertarian socialism though, workers of the world unite! :smoking:

  13. A fellow socialist!
  14. Fuck Communism. Its just part of the top-down capitalist system.

  15. sorry dude but humanity is dictated on the fact that we are constantly looking for ways to better our quality of life.

    Communism=rationing=a worse, or completely leveled off quality of life.

  16. good point, but communism isnt about complete control by one person(ex. Mao, Stalin) the workers, the proletariate, the people as a whole hold the power in numbers. like i said these horrible abuses in power have mixed peoples ideas of Maxism with totalitarianism or Stalinism. alot of the worlds problems are created by the fueding of class systems. Socialism supports the same idea. sharing is caring people
  17. One word; Consequentialism.
  18. I agree, it seems that Communism has always suffered tyrannical dictators... probably because the focus has always been wrong. Communism under Stalin, Mao etc has had this BIG focus, pooling national resources and such - this has lead to a huge centralisation of power, which means a huge potential for corruption and things to generally go wrong. They didn't focus on making little regions autonomous of the state and self sufficient, which is of course the actual aim of Communism - to wither away the state and such. I dunno, I'd prefer properly executed Communism over capitalism :D
  19. Oh right, socialist countries don't suffer from tyrannical dictators. :rolleyes:
  20. Surely this is some multi-layed satirical joke?

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