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Dorm Smoking Guide for the Ultra Strict Police State Schools

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blitzedatschool, May 17, 2010.

  1. Ok I go to a super strict school that has authority figures patrolling the hallways at all times. I smoke everyday when these people are patrolling. So I decided to maybe share a little of my knowledge.

    Firstly No Blunts or Joints too much smoke
    Bowl, Bongs and One-Hitters work great
    Use a very small amount of weed per bowl (enough for one lung full)
    Vapes work great too, but if you don't feel like spending money on one and rather spend it on dank, bowls and similar things work great.

    Secondly use a sploof, they are under rated by most, but if you don't want to get caught it is your best bet.
    Get a window fan that is an exhaust fan and seal the cracks around it so air gets pulled from the hallway and creates a vacum.

    The Next thing to do is to ghost one's hits by holding, and letting a little out through your sploof and then inhale to your lung capacity through your nose and repeat this. By doing this you eliminate smell and sight which is important if you live on a first floor room.

    After your done just frebreeze a little and let the fan run.

    Lemme know if u have any other suggestions for newbie dorm smokers
  2. When I used to toke in my room, I always had a large 50 cent coin that would completely cover my bowl so when I moved the lighter and used the carb no smoke could come up from the bowl because the coin had blocked it. This combined with ghost hits made for a very stealthy way to smoke in a sketch situation. Oh and btw it lets you get all the smoke which means you get alittle more blazed :smoking:
  3. The way we did it in dorms was towel under the door, fan in the window blowing out, spoof (the college dorm MUST), and cigs to mask the weed
  4. Great post man!

    I do something similar in my basement when i smoke at my parents house
  5. also if you're worried about the smell or have an unexpected visitor, it helps to use hand sanitizer and/or peel and eat some oranges (clementines and grapefruits would probably work well too) those are two very strong smelling things that will distract from the smell of bud
  6. Hey, At my school you have to go to a 12 hour class each time you get caught smoking, so I built a system that encloses half the room, with a suction pipe running from one side to the other and an exhaust fan to blow the smoke out of. I have not been caught once and regularly smoke a quarter a night

  7. I think it gives you less anxiety if you febreeze for some reason

  8. Oh it completely does. Its like sweeping up your tracks with a branch. Just makes it seems more legit
  9. For sure. I personally use Glade Fresh Linens scent. It smells like clothes that just came out of the drier and it's not that overpowering.
  10. If your worried about smell, or think you let out to much smell i always make pop corn after smoking. open the bag near the door and no one will ever know
  11. towel under the door, dryer sheets in the ac, keep the room cold, and just rip GB's...did it past 2 yrs worked like a charm
  12. Good idea, but i hate the smell of popped corn >< good for people who dont though
  13. popcorn does work but that can get expensive if u do it everytime...brew some coffee ts cheap and u can use that a few times rather then just once...both work well tho
  14. Yeah i go to a similar college, very strict when it comes to pot, they call the cops whenever they smell it. The most important thing to smoking in a dorm room in my opinion is hiding your shit immediately after smoking, and hiding it well. If they do show up, deny, deny, deny. They can't do shit if they don't find anything. Don't get caught with your pants down.
  15. That's what I do when I blaze inside (live with the rents)
  16. I smoke right in my room, I use a spoof (just a toilet paper tube and 2 Bounce sheets), and I use a scented candle + burnt-off
    matchsticks, non-flavored toothpicks or kebab sticks to light up... my parents would smell the sulphur of the matches
    otherwise, or they'd hear the lighter if I used one.. but make sure your candle is safely positioned so you won't knock it down!
    I have a little bubbler but I prefer to use a regular wooden pipe because it is silent ;)
    I've never had a problem with smoke escaping, I have enough lung capacity to continue breathing 'till the cherry dies..

    Plus, I have a roll-out keyboard shelf, with an ashtray, small weed stash, lighter(for candle), spoof and pipe sitting on it!
    I can have it out with everything set up, and when someone is coming I just roll it back in ;D it's very handy!
  17. Shit man just leave the dorm park your car somewhere and toke. Or make/buy a vape, that takes away pretty much all the smell and gets you higher.

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