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  1. I woke up at like 11, Got ready n shit and went to adult ed. Got there about 12:20. I aient got class till 1:10 but everybody get out for break at 1 and kicks it so i jus went up there early and had a blunt.

    So i go up there, Seen some peoples outside chillin on the benchs so i went up to them and seen what up. They was bout to go buy a bag or some shit i guess.

    I walked up the benchs and jus one dude chillin, Older biker lookin dude. I asked him if he had a square i could bum and he said he had rollies. So i rolled one up and smoked it.

    Talked to him n shit, Asked him where he stay. He say he aient stayin no where. Then it hit me he was a bum.

    So we kicked it jus shootin the breeze. I asked him if he smokes and he said yeah, I seen my boy Brandon about 100 feet from us and i said "I gotchu, But ill be right back."

    Went up to homie Brandon, Bummed a couple Newports off him.

    Went back to the bum, Blazed a blunt with him which he was real happy about. Then i jus gave him a newport and i had one and blazed it.

    He was real thankful and happy and everything. Aient no thang ya know. Thats what i do, Thats what Folk is about. Giving to the community and helping brothas out.

    So we kicked it till his homie came up.

    Then like 5 minutes later class got out so i went up to class and everything.

    Itsa two hour class, I was in class for maybe half hour.

    I dipped out, Kicked it in a empty class room. This hottie CeCi came and kicked it with me for awhile. Then Heather came and CeCi went back to class and i was hittin on heather and everything throwin game at her. We prolly bout to hook up anyways ya herd.

    Well we did this until class was over and it was 3:00.

    I heard they was havin a barbecue right next to the school because itsa park like thing next to the school and has built in ghetto grills n shit. Well schools out this friday so they had some kinda barbecue for a couple classes. And im cool with the teachers n shit so i kicked it there. My homie J LO, Brandon, Marshall and homegirl Vicki was kicking it with me and like 50 other people thre.

    Me n brandon n jlo and vikci n marshall took off to go get some 40's. Brandon dont drink n drive n he was driving n so the rest of us each has a 40. Well vicki had like half a one and i killed it for her.

    Then we went back to the barbecue. We was kicking it shootin the breeze. Smoked a blunt and jus chilled. I aient eat cuz i aient pay but they grubbed down on burgers n shit and jus had a goood time.

    Me n vicki went into this empty class and i was flirtin with her n shit jus messin. She got a mans lol.

    Came back out and to my suprise this btich is here. A couple years back she accused me of trying ot put my hand down her pants or some shit. Get fucking real, She a fucking slob and thats fucking wrong. I aient like that.

    Well i told vicki about it and everything. So fat bitch came kinda by us and vicki said out loud "Only pants your hands been down is mine". And amanda looked at me. I aient said a word but i was crackin up. We all buzzin high n everything. Was great.

    Kicked it there till about 4:40 and it started rainin so i walked home.

    Before i got to the crib went to the dollar store by my crib to get some pop, Im walkin out and some guys walkin in and said whadup doe to me n shit. I start walkin towards my crib and theres three folks i aient know posted under this tree cuz its rainin. Told me homeboy goin to the store to buy a blunt and asked if im down to blaze. Shit you know it.

    We blazed, They took off and i went to the crib.

    Good fucking day ova show.

    Then those fuckers tryed to rob my neighbor but thats in the other topic..

    Now endin the day good by blazin..
  2. Brought to you by R_M :D
  3. is it the game? i just downloaded it and there's like no one on any servers, am i missing something?
  4. Bumpity Bump.
  5. I signed up but I couldnt get into any cartels so I never played.
  6. what... man i dont get it that was like real life wasnt it?
  7. WTF. im so confused. title..doesnt..match..story..
  8. Some of the nicest, kindest and smartest people I've ever met were homeless.
  9. If you dont get it, Read the Edit part i wrote.

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  10. Hahaha, that reminds me of some funny shit back in day. Me and my friend used to be cool with this crackhead/gangster guy. He would buy my friend cigs from time to time (back when we were younger). He went to get him a pack from the grocery store one day - came back with cigs, chapstick, a chicken (not live), and 3 40's (all stolen, cept for cigs - I have no idea how he pulled it off). "I got ya cigs, and I got ya something else, too (chapstick). Ya'll wanna go grill this chicken with me at the park?"

    Him pouring a 40 over the chicken, while grillin, with a grin ear-to-ear: "Dis' chicken gon' be gooooooooooooooooooood."

    Good times :).
  11. fuckin awesome

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