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  1. This lil one is dope, got some big fat leaves, I can only imagine how itd look fully grown.. I guess it's true, the size of the seed let's you know how the plant will be and how the harvest will be.. this seed was a big chunky dark brown so I'm hoping for some good looking buds

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  2. Nope..I am growing a feminized Nitro Lemon Haze..Seed was tiny and germination was slow BUT...5 weeks into veg..;)
    Right side is the NLH
    8-18-17 Bath Tub.jpg
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  3. Sexyyyyyy, ok I'm wrong then lol
  4. Shit happens..I would have agreed with ya, until I saw this bitch..LOL
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  5. Lmao, yours looks good af
  6. Thank you..This is why they are in the Bath Tub..Tent runneth over..LMAO (40 days in flower..)
    Sasquatchs on the right are GDPs..After all the supercropping, Topping, and LST, they still got away from me;)
  7. What kind of lighting are you using?
  8. Right side in the plant photo is a Nextlight Mini and left side is a Unit Farm UFO 80..Mini is bright pure white..UF is a Burple..
    Had 2x Meizhi 450's in there before I got the @UnitFarm light..Those Meizhis are fantastic for the $$.
    Nextlight Mini is a bit pricey, but Whoooa..
    Nextlight Mini in Picture..bright as hell and Sasquatch is lovin it..LOL
    Light 5.jpg
  9. The big free one
  10. I'm assuming they are LEDS. How's your electric bill? How is your yield as opposed to using Gavitas?
  11. Yep..all LEDs..Never used anything but LEDs, so I have no idea..
    let's not talk about the elect bill ..LOL
    (really not too bad..went up about $30 month using all lights)..In N Nevada, the weather is nuts..summers would never permit me to use anything throwing more heat..even with Central AC it is tough keeping the temps in my tent below 80d F!!
    That Mini runs so cool, it doesn't even use a fan:) Love it..
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