Dope Night!

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  1. Well guys, this is my first post here.. I got all my avatars etc set up so i wanna make this a good one. So where i live in Vancouver (Sorry to all you who love BC BUD), the chronic is everywhere. Theres probably about 50 dealers in my school, who have chronic everysingle day and its KILLER!. Anyways enough of that. So my and all my buddies usually party everyweekend, but lately there hasnt been many parties, mostly because the "bad kids" always come and try to start shit with everyone.. you know those people. Anyways, so recently one of my buddies parents all of a sudden let him have all these parties downstiars.. This place is killer, its pretty big theres a bar downstairs, freezer/fridge for all our booze, a pool for poolpartie sin the summer. So he decides to have a party for this chicks birthday, and a bunch of people are invited. Well i didnt wanna get totally smashed that night, just didnt feel like it so i got a 8 pack coldshots just to sit back and chill. Well the party got started.. all the women here are beauutiiifullll. So i realize that there was a bunch of chicks who ahd just popped a few caps right so im like this is gonna be a dope night i can alrady tell.. So we start to drink i get drunk all these chicks are hammered and drunk. So we sit in his living room and My humps comes on and these chicks j ust started goin crazyyy, they were all younger than us btw. So were all enjoyin the show, and im like you know what would make this better? My buddy stops me and says "This". Pulls out a 4 hose hookah, the bowl packed with 4 grams of bc bud.. We sit back and watch these chicks grind with eachother and shit.. At t he end of the night everyone was pretty fuckin blunted, and the outcome of the chicks were a few of us got laid, 2 of them went skinny dippin in the pool , and one of them had a bunch of hickies on her dd tits.. It was overall a pretty crazy ass night. Now this is prtty much our party spot, the past 3 parties there has been no police, no complaints. And in the summer my buddy who has the parties is movin into a bigger house, and he gets the HUGE basement to himself.. That just makes me horney right there

    peace out tokers keep blazin that shit:smoking::smoking:
  2. fuck man that sounds like a sweet party spot.:hello:

    my best party i went to was in a garage, with a pool table, a wood fireplace, 3 bongs, and a 4 person alien hookah. i swear we smoked like 1/2 O between 6 of us. and 3 chicks started making out and shit on the pool table and were about to fuck when one of my homeboys mom came over and started freaking out, she was looking in the windows and shit, scaring all of us cause were baked and like "WTF WAS AT THE WINDOW?!":p

    then she came in and slapped one of the girls in the face and left!

    she then sat in the driveway for an hour by herself and called the cops. cops came, cops didnt find shit, cops left, we pulled out the hookah and smoked like 3 more g's:D
  3. man, what a bitch, i really hate you for adding in the little "the cops left and we pulled out the hookah again"

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